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Are you looking to grab as much revenue as possible from your current customer group? But only imagining massive sales and buyers in abundance is not enough. 

It is imperative to make the products observable in Google’s search results and one of the best ways to do it is through “Products“ Rich Snippet. 

This article comprises detailed information on What is “Products“ Rich Snippet in SEO & How to use it. So, let’s get going!

What is a “Products” Rich Snippet?

A rich snippet is a search event that gives comprehensive data about a product. A normal Google search result with extra information is a rich snippet. 

A particular kind of product page markup that supplies product-related information to search crawlers is a “product” rich snippet.

Difference Between a Normal Snippet and a Rich Snippet (With Example)

Basically, the Google search results consist of 3 main segments that are:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • URL

A normal snippet consists of the information as the following image:

normal snippet example

Whereas, a rich snippet looks something like this:

products rich snippet example

As it is observable, the rich snippets look significantly more alluring than the normal snippets. This results in an increased organic CTR for the store. The rich snippet data is retrieved by Google from the structured markup.

The myth here is that some people think that using rich snippets can enhance the site rankings when in actuality, it is not so. Google does not count rich snippets as a ranking signal.

So, the main advantage of using rich snippets is increased CTR’s.

How to use “Products” Rich Snippet?

Reviews: Rich snippets support both, individual reviews or the reviews in totality. It is displayed in the form of stars out of 5.

reviews - product rich snippet example

Recipes: A specialized Structured Data that only cites recipes. This markup comprises facts such as the preparation time of the dish, reviews, and its image.

recipes - product rich snippet example

Music: Provides Google data of the music, such as the release date of the album. This also involves songs’ preview links and direct purchasing links to individual tracks or full albums.

music - product rich snippet example

Product Markup: Provides search engines’ data about a particular product.

product markup - rich snippet example

Organization: this markup can include key aspects of a business such as its addresses, company logo, & contact information.

organization - rich snippet example

Video: Video markup assists the search engines to recognize the product in the form of video content.

video - rich snippet example

Events: Incorporates notice on the events’ dates, times, venue, etc.

events - rich snippet example

Rich Results Test Tool

Once you have marked up the content for rich results, then it’s time to test whether Google notices your product the way you want it to be. For that, there is one free tool by Google, Rich Results Test, which enables you to verify whether the website has the structured data markup or not.

There are two versions of Googlebot – Smartphone and Desktop. Of which, the smartphone version is the default one in most of the Google services. You can either paste the URL of your page or can paste the code to verify even before the publish.

Concluding It!

In order to reap a nice harvest for your E-commerce store, optimizing your product pages with the “products” rich snippet is indispensable. This helps the products acquire more organic search results. 

Higher search results = higher website traffic = more conversions = More sales.

This is all you require for your E-commerce store, right? Let me hear through the comments below!

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