Holidays are around the corner and its time prepare your stores for the most beautiful time shoppers! For many store owner, it’s time to drive more sales inside the store. When people are busy in preparation for festivities, online e-commerce business owners are on a hunt to make their store holiday ready. Preplanning of campaign can solve your most of the problems that you face real-time.

According to us, Here are the seven steps to run a successful campaign.

1. Build your store strategy for selling
Planning is dull, but the right game plan can help you to survive the holiday season. Look back and learn from the past campaigns and now its time to overcome your mistakes. Make a plan and analyze who is targeting the audience and merely stick to it. After that, grab a calendar and mark dates on you want to run a whole campaign and willing to do promotions.
Lastly, list down the products that you want to put on sale and move to the next step.

2. Leave Them Wanting More (Premarketing)
Pre-marketing is the vital part of marketing strategy. Because now you have figure out your whole campaign, now it’s time to build a hike for sale with some powerful tools and use of social media. Create content that teases your promotional deals without revealing the whole story and Leave your audience excited to grab the products they want to buy
Also update your web store with some promotional banners, eye-catching sticky or shaking notification bar that quickly catches your customer’s attention. You can even setup gaming popups that collect customer email is so you can notify them later.
Doing these things really makes sense, it gives you a big push!

3. Prepare your Customer mail list
Now it’s time to get a personalized touch to kick off the whole process by sending email to your store customers. Make a list and send a beautiful email that teases your sale. Also, use customized email templates every time because it makes your customer fall in love and keeps them await for purchase.

4. Social media promotions
Publish your sale posters and video teaser to all around your social media. Because social media is something that everybody uses to get in touch with their friends and family quickly. So, its golden opportunity for store owners for doing premarketing of sale. It will help you to reach the wider audience and build brand buzz.

5. Post a Blog
You can also write a blog post to engage with your readers and let them know what you are planning for this holiday season without telling the whole story.

6. Smooth & Superior Shopping Experience
Yes! In this rush don’t forget to test your sale and make changes if needed to deliver a smooth shopping experience.
Make sure your store load time is less also make sure it’s simple & clean as much as possible. If you are planning to go live with store coupons, wisely placed it inside your store and made it readily available for your store customers don’t let them feel like they are on hunting. As we did last time, you can also place your coupons on store checkout page.

7. Over to you
Once the countdown is over, its time make your sale live and available to everyone. Make sure your store already have set n up Google Analytics on your site so you can monitor your traffic and campaigns success.

Pro tip: Keep trying, keep experimenting with sales. Don’t tease more and do what you have did promised to your customer. It will turn your customer into returning one.

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You can also integrate various Magento 1.x & 2.x extensions to enhance your Store functionality.
Tell us what you have planned this holiday season or comment down below if we have missed something.
Happy Selling!

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