Magento is one of the top platforms for creating your desired Ecommerce store. It is an open-source platform which solely occupies nearly 26% of the e-commerce market worldwide. Even though WordPress is significantly performing as a popular CMS, the best Platform for an Ecommerce store is undoubtedly Magento. Well-known brands like Nike, Lenovo, Nestle, Samsung, etc. use Magento for powering their stores. While Common problems faced on any Ecommerce store is managing it are data security, product return, and refund, retaining customers, etc. But with the use of Magento, most of these problems can be resolved with the use of external extension integration with your store.
One of the most applauding functionalities of Magento is the addition of a 3rd party extensions which gives limitless possibilities and functionality for your store’s customization. There are limitless extensions through which customization of your Ecommerce store can be undertaken for better UI, boosting your sales or any other desired requirement.
Magento 2 is the enhanced version of the older Magento platform which is like an online powerhouse that offers tons of latest features & functionalities. Magento 2 is famous for its features, flexibility, Alluring design, Better UX, Security, etc that makes it an ideal CMS platform for any Ecommerce Store. But sales is always a concern for store owners and to achieve such things quickly Magento Extensions can quickly help you to integrate the best functionalities that help you to increase your store sales in no time. So, here are the Top Sales Motivation Magento 2 Extensions.

1. Recent Sales Notification:

Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification

One of the best extensions for your sale boost is the recent sales notification extension through which you can display recently sold products & customer details to your online visitors & encourage them for checking those products. The extension displays tiny popup at bottom of the website that displays details of the customer like customer name, the product he/she purchased, and their location. Showcasing such details help your customer to have faith and trust in your brand.
Moreover, this popup gets hidden automatically after some time for preventing obstruction to the customer’s browsing experience. The admin can also styles and change layout options for grabbing customer’s attention with its creative look and feel.

2. Review Reminder:

Magento 2 Review Reminder
Everyone wants to buy a product which has good product review or is already used & recommended by others which gives faith to the potential customers in buying the product. Based on one survey, 67% of consumers are influenced by an online review. But most of the time the customer just forgets to leave the review after making the purchase. In this situation, the review Reminder extension is quite helpful. The extension uses a cron job to send a review reminder email to your customer who has purchased your product in a specified period. Through this extension, the review of your product can be easily obtained without the labor of manually emailing the customers for reviewing the purchased product. By increasing the product review helps in boosting the sales of the product.

3. Out of Stock Notification:

Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

There are many times when a product in demand gets out of stock or unavailable for a period of time. During this situation, if the customers visit they can’t make a purchase & have to leave your site. Instead, you can place one box where customer can enter his or her email id and can get notified when products come back to stock. Based on a survey, 71% of customers love receiving in-stock notification of the out of stock product they want to buy which can significantly improve the sales of your online store. Making use of such automatic marketing tool helps the store owner to boost the store sales by notifying potential customers via SMS or email or both as per the requirement.

4. WhatsApp Order Notification:

Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notification

One of the most widely used social media app in the market is WhatsApp. Apart from personal communication, you can also use this app to quickly connect with your store customers. Now, you can send order status notification directly on the customers WhatsApp without any manual efforts. Making use of such extension, the customer will be aware of your store delivery progress after ordering it online. These types of WhatsApp notification can help the store owner quickly notify their customer in a modern way by sending their order updates on WhatsApp.

So, there are the best sales booster Magento 2 Extensions for your store. We can definitely ensure you that after using these extensions you will definitely see drastic growth in your store sales.
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Happy Boosting!

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