With every passing day, the percentage of online shoppers is rising at a rapid pace. This clearly reflects the promising future of the eCommerce business. But, there is one big problem that internet businesses, specifically startups face. And, that is building a user-friendly and appealing online platform. Thankfully, Magento is there to help them overcome this problem successfully.

Being the third largest eCommerce platform, Magento provides intuitive features and great scope for customization to enhance the store’s performance. We all know that building an eCommerce store from scratch requires a lot of effort. You have to develop and test a lot of features, but with Magento, you will get them in ready to use state. That’s why, it has become the top favorite of small, mid, and large-scale companies.

If you’re still doubtful about whether to choose Magento for your eCommerce portal or not, then the following reasons will help in inculcating trust for this platform. Let’s give them a read:

  • Easy to Use

Magento is developer-friendly. The developers can update or modify the content on their website pages, and can even add or delete pages. It offers seamless navigation and page linking options to the users. Undeniably, Magento saves an ample amount of time for developers.

As Magento is written in PHP, the developers can add new codes without any hassle to render efficient solutions. This implies that Magento offers a great level of scalability to both developers and business owners.

  • Best Customization Tools

Magento provides excellent customization options that leverage users to design their eCommerce store as per their wishes. Plus, it efficiently manages the eCommerce product pages, sales, and product viability. Deft Magento developers own sound experience of utilizing the available customization tools for modifying the shopping cart functionality.

  • Robust Inventory Management

The powerful inventory management lays the strong foundation of an eCommerce business model. With the help of Magento API, it becomes convenient to set up protocols, tools, and routines required for creating an eCommerce store. If you choose the Magento development service, the entire process of developing and updating inventory lists becomes streamlined.

  • High Security

Security is the biggest concern for all the eCommerce store owners out there. In fact, it is a factor that should be given the utmost attention. By using the Magento eCommerce platform, Magento development services can offer top-grade security to their clients. This is because the transactions carried out from the Magento site are protected with data encryption.

  • Mobile-friendly

Do you carry a smartphone? Obviously, yes! We all have it in our hands. The internet connection felicitates users to quickly access web stores whenever they have the mood to purchase something. And, it would be risky for the eCommerce store to neglect this platform. It offers wonderful mobility functions to its clients. Through this, the users can easily drag-drop, zoom in and out, and slide the eCommerce platform developed using Magento. Thus, making your website mobile-friendly.

  • Digital Marketing Assistant

When it is to SEO techniques, Magento provides many things that other platforms do not. It is bestowed with an in-built digital marketing assistant. This empowers eCommerce store owners to analyze and manage website traffic easily. Magento suggests SEO-friendly URLs, sitemaps, meta tags, and keywords. This is highly beneficial both in terms of improving the indexing of websites on search engines and increasing the customer base.

  • Big Community

The Magento community is fairly large and consists of business owners, CEOs,  and developers, who are acquainted with this platform. If you’re a startup and planning to choose Magento for your website, then there are numerous resources that are just a single click away. You will find valuable tips and tricks shared by the experts that can make you resolve the problem in less time.

  • Easy Carting & Checking Out Option

Magento offers a user-friendly shopping cart development tool. This way, the developers can try different features that come with this platform while website development. Even customers don’t find any difficulty in understanding it. The Magento-based websites fully support different payment gateway options. This means that the customers will get a smooth payment experience, as they have a variety of payment options to choose from.

  • Customer Segmentation

The Magento eCommerce platforms allow companies to segment their customer base on the basis of purchasing history, user activity, and shopping cart details. This functionality helps business owners formulate an effective online marketing and sales strategy. Since, they have got all the relevant information related to the client’s behavior, so customer segmentation becomes simple.

  • Multiple Stores Management

Earlier, it was quite tedious to manage Magento Multi Store &Website Setup from a single administrative panel. But, with Magento, it has now become super easy. Additionally, you can operate your business 24*7 using this platform. If you don’t wish to operate all your stores from one panel, then Magento allows easy setup of each store on its own along with the administrative panel.

  • Profitable for Developers & Store Owners

It supports MVC architecture and OOP. You have the option to select any of them that fits well per your development needs. So, Magento is useful for developers as it permits them to create an optimal user interface and display their coding capabilities. If, in case, you are not having sufficient knowledge of website development, then Magento provides easy-to-use functionality. You are not required to be proficient in programming to use this eCommerce platform.

Ending Remarks

So, it is clear that Magento simplifies the strenuous task of designing an elegant and competitive online platform. Its popularity is growing speedily as it has got everything that you need in an online store.

With all the above benefits, it would not be wrong to say that Magento is the best eCommerce platform for startups at the present time. Choosing a reputed Magento development company can prove fruitful if you want a web presence that is distinct and eye-grabbing.

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