If you are looking to grow your eCommerce store in the upcoming year, consider expanding your Magento online store with advanced features and functionalities. This will help increase your conversion rates and drive up sales figures, ultimately leading to greater revenue for your business. Attracting potential customers to your online store is crucial to achieving this goal.

Your search ends here for those seeking the ultimate solution for making their Magento store more featureful. Magento 2 Store Pickup Extension is an excellent choice for online merchants who desire to increase foot traffic to their physical storefronts by allowing customers to locate the nearest one. Thanks to Google Maps integration, customers can conveniently place an online order and subsequently retrieve their purchase from the offline store at a predetermined date and time.

What Exactly is Store Pickup for Magento 2?

All you need to know about Store Pickup Extension for Magento 2

When purchasing products online, customers are often eager to know the status of their orders. It is natural for them to be excited and anxious about receiving their product.

However, the shipping and delivery process can be complex and involves various steps, from packaging to delivery. This process requires both effort and money. Customers may not prioritize shipping if they have a physical store nearby.

The Magento 2 Store Pickup Module, also referred to as Store Pickup for Magento 2, offers customers the option to select physical pickup as a shipping method from various available stores. This extension allows customers to retrieve their orders from your store personally.

The store admin can easily configure pickup locations by adjusting backend settings. Additionally, the admin has the ability to specify which countries are eligible for store pickup in Magento 2. The module also enables the admin to modify the titles and error messages that appear on the store’s front end.

Key Functionalities of Magento 2 Store Pickup Extension

1. Allows customers to pick up orders easily

With our Store Pickup add-on, customers can conveniently retrieve their purchased items from any of your physical store locations. This feature enables consumers to place orders from the comfort of their homes and pick up their items at the nearest store, saving them both time and money on shipping and delivery fees.

2. Display the “store pickup” option on the checkout page

With the Store Pickup plugin in Magento 2, customers can easily collect their orders by selecting the option to pick them up from a store on the checkout page. They can choose from a list of available stores using a dropdown menu.

3. No limit on adding store locations

Our Magento 2 Store Pickup with Store Locator extension is designed to improve the shopping experience for our customers. With this feature, customers can set up an unlimited number of pickup locations, which is beneficial for both customers and sellers.

4. Allows customers to choose when to pick up their orders

To inform customers of your store’s availability, you can include holiday and working hour schedules for each physical location in your Store Pickup extension for Magento 2. This will allow customers to select a specific day and time frame during checkout.

5. An enhanced way for store searching

Your customers can easily find the closest store or pickup location by entering their latitude and longitude on the dedicated Store Locator page. This feature includes all of your stores and outlets, making it a convenient addition for your customers.

6. Enable store pickup as the optimal shipping method

As a store owner, you can improve your customers’ shopping experience by providing various shipping methods. This feature enables customers to select the most convenient pickup location and schedule for receiving their products.

Why Choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Store Pickup Module?

The in-store pickup for Magento 2 is a highly effective tool that caters to the needs of both sellers and customers alike. It provides a seamless user experience, enabling sellers to share pertinent information effortlessly.

Research has demonstrated that the utilization of this extension can significantly enhance sales, and as such, it is an indispensable addition to any e-commerce platform.

Benefits of Store Pickup for Magento 2

1. Two-in-one Extension

The Magento 2 Store Pickup extension also works as a store locator, so you can easily display all your physical stores on Google Maps. Thus, helping your customers find your nearest store.

2. Increase offline store traffic

This Magento 2 module lets you enable the store pickup functionality as one of the shipping methods that helps your physical store increase offline store traffic too.

3. Enhance shopping experience

The feature of enabling store pickup as a shipping method also enhances customers’ shopping experience at your store, as they can pick up their orders whenever they want.

4. Improve brand image

As customers are allowed to pick up their orders on their own, the chances of refunds reduce greatly as they can check the product’s authenticity at the store itself. This ultimately increases your brand image.

5. Word-of-mouth marketing

As customers have to pick up their orders from your store regularly, it will improve your business’s customer interaction and help boost word-of-mouth marketing.


Providing customers with a seamless experience is crucial for those who own a store. One way to achieve this is by offering convenience at checkout, such as easy location selection. Additionally, unlimited pick-up locations and a simple store search function can enhance the customer experience.

If you are using Magento 2, configuring the store pickup extension is relatively straightforward. However, to optimize its features, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a knowledgeable Magento 2 developer.

Hire Magento DeveloperAt MageComp, we offer our expertise to those who require help with installing and optimizing the store pickup extension. If you want to improve your store’s functionality, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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