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Today I will give you the solution for the most common error, the reindex issue with Elasticsearch.

When there is a change in data in your database you need to run the reindex command to update the rows and columns. But when you run the below reindex command

An error is shown in the terminal as follows:

This error means you do not have enough disk space to store or update data. The flood storage watermark is 95% default, so when it exceeds, the above error is shown and it puts the Elasticsearch into read-only mode. So you need to free up disk space or enlarge it.

Let’s get the solution for the above error in Magento 2.

Steps to Solve Reindex issue with Elasticsearch:

Step 1: From the terminal go to Magento Root path and run the below command:

Step 2: After this again run the reindex command in the terminal and check.


This way you can solve the reindex error for Elasticsearch. If you face any difficulty, feel free to share with me via the comment box. Moreover, check out other related articles and solutions for reindexing in Magento 2.

Share the solution with your fellow Magento developers to help them get rid of the error. See you with my next article till then stay in touch.

Happy Coding!

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