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In this blog, we will learn how to set up Customer Account Options in Magento 2.

The customer’s journey in your Magento 2 store must be optimized from registration to after-sales service. Using customer account configuration, store admin can manage customers easily. Magento 2 provides various customer configuration options for customer management.

Let’s see the steps to Setup Customer Account Options in Magento 2.

Steps to Setup Customer Account Options in Magento 2:

Step 1: From the Admin Dashboard. Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

Step 2: Now expand the CUSTOMERS tab from the left panel and select Customer Configuration.

Step 3: Now enlarge the Create New Account Options.

Step 4: Now apply the settings as required.

customer account options 1

  • Enable Automatic Assignment to Customer Group: Determines whether the customer is assigned to the default customer group.
  • Default Group: Set the default group of customers. Learn more about How to Set Default Group for New Customer Account in Magento 2.
  • Default Value for Disable Automatic Group Changes Based on VAT ID: Choose whether the customer group changes automatically based on VAT ID.
  • Show VAT Number on Storefront: Set whether the VAT number is visible to customers in front.
  • Email is required field for Admin order creation: Determine whether an email is required at the time of admin order creation for new customers.
  • Default Email Domain: Set the default email domain.
  • Default Welcome Email: Email template used for default welcome email.

customer account options 2

  • Default Welcome Email Without Password: Default welcome email template used for customer created without password.
  • Email Sender: Select the sender email from here.
  • Require Emails Confirmation: Determine whether confirmation is required to create an account.
  • Confirmation Link Email: Email template used for the confirmation email.
  • Welcome Email: After account confirmation, an email template used for the welcome message.
  • Generate Human-Friendly Customer ID: Whether the field used to enter and store VAT ID is visible from the storefront or not.

At last, click Save Config.

Final Words:

Hence, this way, you can Setup Customer Account Options in Magento 2. Share the tutorial with your friends and stay in touch with us.

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