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Today I am here with another Magento solution on How to Change the Cross-Sell Product Display Limit in Magento 2?

Cross-selling products are supplements of the products added to the shopping cart. In Magento 2, Cross-sell products will be displayed on the Shopping Cart page.

Learn How to Setup Cross-Sell Products in Magento 2.

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In default Magento, only four Cross-sell products will be displayed on the cart page. If you want to increase or decrease the Cross-sell Product display limit on the cart page, you need to modify the core cross-sell.php file. Let’s understand deeply.

Steps to Change Cross-Sell Product Limit in Magento 2:

Step 1: First, you must create a di.xml file in the path below.


Then, add the code as follows.

Step 2: After that, you must create a Block file in the path below.


Now add the following code snippet.

Step 3: After that, run the below commands.


Hence, accordingly, you can update the number of cross-selling products displayed on the shopping cart page in Magento 2. If you have any difficulty implementing the above steps, let me know through the comment section without hesitation. I will be quick to revert you back with a proper solution. Moreover, share the tutorial with your friends and stay in the know for more.

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