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Well! Today I am going to focus on How to Configure/Setup Return-Path Email in Magento 2. Catch a glimpse of A Step by Step Guide to Setup RSS Feed in Magento 2, in case you missed it out. So, let’s move in ? 


Sometimes it happens that your store emails do not reach the customers and goes into the spam folders as it is unidentified. This will affect the sales and traffic of the business. Also, it will affect the store’s reputation if emails relating to registration, password recovery, order notifications or any other important ones fail to enter the customer’s inbox. This can be avoided by Configuring/Setting up Return-Path Email from Magento 2 backend.

Steps to Configure/Setup Return-Path Email ? in Magento 2:

Step 1: Log in to the Admin Panel and browse the following

Stores > Settings > Configuration

setup return-path email

Step 2: From the left panel, elaborate the Advanced tab, and select System.

return-path email in magento2

Step 3: Expand Mail Sending Settings. Next, move to the Set Return-Path field and select the Specified option from the drop-down list.

mail sending settings in magento2

Step 4: Next, enter your Email ID in the Return-Path Email field.

return-path email settings

At last, click Save Config.

Final Say:

This way you can Configure/Setup Return-Path Email in Magento 2 store. In addition to this, you can also grab customer’s attention by showing FREE Newsletter Popup on your website’s front page where subscribers will receive Email notifications from the store. I am solving your queries in the comment section below so drop your questions there. Do not forget to spread the article amongst your friends. 

Happy Emailing ?

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