?⚪️? MageComp Navratri Celebrations ???

Celebrating festivals all over the globe have changed now due to this Covid – 19 Pandemic.

The chances of risk in the crowd gathering and social meets have increased. Festivals and celebrations have been canceled and celebrated virtually. That’s obvious that this year’s celebration will look a little different. You will need a new different understanding this year.

The 9 Charming Nights of NAVRATRI:

India is a land of festivals and a country where festivals are a very important part of life.
With lights ⚡ , decorations ? , spark ✨ , and joy ? in everyone’s faces ?, Indians celebrate all festivals with great zeal and enthusiasm.

For the Gujaratis, the 9️⃣ cultural days of Navratri are heart ❤️ and soul ? . Also, in the states like Maharashtra (Mumbai) and West Bengal, the Navratri festival is very important.

We won’t shop for Navratri, we won’t take leaves, we won’t catch up with our friends and family. There will be no dancing overnight, no loud music, nothing to get dressed up for, or going out at night with the whole gang this year. For the first time, everything will be changed.

Anyone knew this much could happen in the year 2020❓

What are the other alternatives we have? Regardless still we hope to celebrate Navratri but in a different way.

The Glimpse Office Navratri Celebration 2020 at MageComp:

Navratri in English literally means Nine Nights. This is the time to relax your mind and body. There are so many changes around us this year and very little time to think, it is best to sit and calm down.

So, let’s take a moment and look into the Glimpse ? of how Magicians Family aka Mavengers has celebrated Navratri 2020.

Starting from day one, following some of a specific color code and theme dressing for a week.


With the blessings of Nav Durga, hope we emerge stronger from this pandemic. Let us pray that the divine blessings of immortal Goddesses bring eternal peace and happiness all over the world.

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Let us know how you celebrated Navratri this year in the comment section below.

Happy Reading!

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