The most awaited Extension Magento WhatsApp Order Notification is now available for Magento 2.x and soon available for Magento 1.x too. Since the rollout of WhatsApp business, lots of store owner has opted-in for this easy option to get in touch with their customers. These Notifications are so powerful that most of the messages are read in less than 3 Seconds. Sending these types of Order notification is a not only effective but faster, secure and reliable way to send personalized experience to your store customers. To take it Next Level WhatsApp has rolled out WhatsApp Business API for large businesses to power up their communication with customers across the world but What about medium & Small Store Owners?

To empower small Business & Store owners, MageComp has built its WhatsApp API enabling an option to send important order notification to directly to customer’s WhatsApp Number. Switching to WhatsApp Notification gives you freedom from sending standard 160 characters message and add some dynamic elements. If you haven’t read our previous blog about 11 Incredible Reasons why you should switch to WhatsApp Order Notification. You must read it first.

This is what our early birds say after using Extension More than 15days & sending thousands of WhatsApp notifications every day.

Review for whatsapp

We are giving up to 3k WhatsApp Notifications credit FREE with the extensions to get started.
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According to the need of customers, we have divided the whole extension into three parts so the customer can pick their version according to their need.
Buy WhatsApp Order Notification Extension for Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x

Also, WhatsApp Order Notification add-on is available for WordPress & Shopify too.

Moreover, Purchase this Extension before 31st December & Get 20% OFF instantly.

Magento WhatsApp Order Notification by MageComp
What else needed? Switch to #SmartOrderNotification

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