With the growing use of smartphones & gadgets, people turn to various social media messaging apps switching from traditional mediums like Email and SMS. And, if I ask you to name a social messaging app your list definitely never ends without naming WhatsApp. Because it is simple. Secure. A reliable messaging app, where you can send a quick message around the world. Not only this, but you can also make voice calls, and video calls, and send stickers, documents, and so on without paying a penny. Since today WhatsApp owns 1.5+ billion monthly active users worldwide and ranks as one of the most popular social platforms globally by unleashing over 60 billion messages every day.

In today’s Omnichannel era of texts, chats, posts, and sharing, people are constantly interacting with businesses in the same way they connect with their loved ones. Apart one from one communication channel, WhatsApp has rolled out its Business Services enabling small Businesses to scale their customer service by offering some quick replies and analytics tools. Yet, it’s not powerful enough for sending automated order notifications.

Where storeowner is constantly seeking a tool for engaging with customers switching to WhatsApp API dramatically helps you serve a personalized experience by sending important order notifications directly to customer’s mobile numbers.

Here are 11 Incredible Reasons why you should switch to WhatsApp Order Notification from SMS/Email:

1. Serve an Incredible Experience to your Customers that they can never forget.
2. Save time and effort by Automating Store Order Updates
3. Turn your customers into Returning customers with an amazing shopping experience.
4. Cheaper compared to SMS Messages or Email Notifications
5. Begin Meaningful & long-lasting relationships with your Store customers
6. Notifications that No one can ignore because 90% of WhatsApp messages are read in less than 3 Seconds.
7. Get Freedom from Sending a typical 160 characters message.
8. Send secure store notifications with End-to-End Encryption.
9. Use Dynamic variables & objects for customizing the messaging the way you want to send it.
10. Greet your customer with a personalized message or give a welcome gift.
11. Send instant real-time notifications without any sea boundaries.

By purchasing Extension you can send various notifications like…

Notification to customers Notification to Admin
1. Store registration 1. Website registration
2. Order placement 2. New order placement
3. Order Invoice 3. Order Credit memo
4. Order Credit memo 4. Order shipment
5. Store Contact Inquiry 5. Contact Inquiry
6. Store registration OTP

WhatsApp Order Notification Extension is available for Magento, WordPress, and Shopify. As of now, an Extension is available for Pre-Order but you can get early access and start sending notifications. Currently, our early birds are sending Thousands of WhatsApp notifications every day and Growing by 400%.

Order now & get up to 3k WhatsApp credits for FREE along with Magento Extension.
Also, Stand a Chance to Win 10k Credit every week when you purchase Order Notification Extension for Magento1.x or Magento2.x.
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Magento WhatsApp Order Notification by MageComp

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