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To structure a whole new E-commerce store, a lot of effort is required to be done. 

Search Engine Optimization – Higher SERP ranking + Higher Conversion Rates.

Below I have broken down Magento 2 SEO Checklist 2022 that Actually Helps You to Increase Organic Traffic after landing your E-commerce website. Avail of the Search Engine Optimization Service to get your store optimized fully!

Magento 2 SEO Checklist 2022

Magento 2 Meta Titles

The meta titles of your Magento 2 websites are the most striking as it directly leads to the number of click-through rates. Add the most important keyword of the page in the meta title. 

Points to Remember for Meta Title:

  • Standard length – 50-60 characters.
  • Use such words that encourage visitors to click on the page.
  • If it is a product page, add the selling point of the item.

Magento 2 Meta Description

A perfect destination to tell visitors more information about your product. It also encourages more clicks as users get a slight idea about what the page conveys. Get to know more about the perfect ways to write meta titles and descriptions

Labeled Images

Do not forget to add an alt tag to all the images. Images should also contain the most important keyword. This is recommended as google directly ranks up the images with the most relevant keywords. Also, reduce the size of the image to a max of 100kb to reduce the loading time of the image. Integrate the Magento 2 Image Alt Tags which will help you create alt tags to images automatically and make your images SEO ready. 


Blogging is one of the best features to come in close interaction with your customers. It specifies products and answers your customer’s questions. Hence, improves the reliability of your store, enhances SEO, and invites a whole new batch of organic traffic.

Website Speed

A slow site = negative Google ranking

No customer would want to buy a product if the website loading time is 10 seconds. Hence the performance of the website stands at the highest position as it impacts google rankings and user experience also. 

Accelerate your Magento 2 website performance by integrating the Magento 2 Performance Optimization Service.

Mobile Responsive

Most people today use mobile to buy online. Hence, making your E-commerce website mobile responsive is the foremost thing to up your SEO. and Google also considers mobile-friendliness as one of its ranking factors.

Google AMP Support

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages were formally launched by Google in the year 2016. These pages mostly have a small flash symbol and are usually found on the first page. The AMP is 4x faster than the normal mobile pages and is anticipated to be the most important feature of SEO in the near future.

Make the website structure as simple as possible. The page rank highly depends on the homepage. The more difficult the website structure is, the weaker your page rank gets. Furthermore, keep your product page at the most 3 pages away from the homepage. 


It is important to set layered navigation correctly i.e. the Magento store is set up not to direct the filtered results to the same category hyperlink for different results. For instance, if the clothing store has a women’s category and its subcategory is bags then the styles and colors as filters can be a wise decision.

Structured URL

The default Magento adds store codes to the URLs. If the URL is titled suitably, it makes it easier for Google to understand what the page is trying to convey and gives site users relevant information as they search.

Ideal URL structure example:

  • Category Page: Website.com/category/
  • Sub-category page: Website.com/category/sub-category/
  • Product page: website.com/category-sub-category/product-name/

Google Analytics & Google Search Console

The most basic and must-have part in starting SEO is to configure your Google Search Console & Google Analytics. You can register for free on both the tools.

Google Search Console helps to track and manage the website’s presence on the google search results. On the other hand, analytics is a practical tool to monitor the data of your site’s users. 


Google Search Console makes it possible to enter which domain to be displayed on the search engine results page If you are using both – WWW.domainname.com and domainname.com. This avoids confusion on which domain to be displayed. 


As understood, HTTPS is more secure as compared to HTTP. HTTPS works in combination with SSL protocol which makes the transportation of data safer. This is what Google takes into consideration the most and considers HTTPS over HTTP. 

Magento 2 robots.txt File

The robots.txt file is read by the search engine as a part of an instruction to index the website and is placed on the Magento 2 installation root. 

Therefore, robots.txt is an essential part of any Magento 2 SEO listing. Customizing the robots.txt file is also possible from the Magento 2 backend. Read here to know how!

XML Sitemap

The XML sitemap is a map that helps the crawlers in searching for your content. Define the sitemap in such a way that no inner page is without the sitemap. Make sure that all the pages are at max 3 clicks distant from the home page. 

Ensure checking the sitemap once before submitting so that no test pages are included in it. Go through the Magento 2 Sitemap.

Magento 2 Rich Snippets

Rich Snippet – structured data markup which can be added to the HTML of the Magento 2 site. The rich snippets serve the purpose of making the site content understandable to the search engine and also helps to enable the special features when the content ranks on the SERP. Get more info about rich snippets from here.

Wrapping It Up!

To increase organic traffic and enhance the store revenue, devote some time and effort to getting the Magento SEO setup ready. 

Ranking on Google’s first page does not happen by any magic tricks but by creating content that adds value to the user and configuring technical points properly. 

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