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How are you going with your Magento 2 store? In this tutorial, I will give a precise view of Magento 2 Product Types. If you skipped out the previous tutorial blog, you can check it out here, Fixed: Magento 2 “Add To Cart” Button Not Working.


Magento 2 is a popular E-commerce platform because of its capability to handle a massive product catalog. The store with a huge number of products finds it difficult to handle. Magento 2 favors 6 different product types within the catalog to manage a large number of products. These product types include Simple Products, Grouped Products, Configurable Products, Bundle Products, Downloadable Products, and Virtual Products.

Let’s explore all the product types of Magento 2 ?

What are The Magento 2 Product Types:

Simple Products:

Simple Product is the most popular and used in Magento 2. It has a single SKU (Shelf Keeping Unit) with no options of selection in color, size, material, etc.

Illustration: a watch, a belt, etc.

Magento Simple Products

(Image Source: Magento)

Grouped Products:

A grouped product is a mixture of multiple simple products. The customer can buy all of them together or separately.

Illustration: cup set, furniture set, etc.

Magento Grouped Products

(Image Source: Magento)

Configurable Products:

Configurable products are also a mixture of simple products but it provides options like color, size, etc. Every option has its separate SKU.

Illustration: The following product offers size and color choices.

Magento Configurable Products

(Source: RedChamps)

Bundle Products:

Bundle products are a mixture of simple products and they cannot be bought separately. The customer has to compulsorily buy all the items together.

Illustration: The following Yoga kit cannot be purchased in parts.

Magento Bundle Products

(Source: Customer paradigm)

Downloadable Products:

As the name says, downloadable products are the one which the customers can download. It can be in the form of software, ebook, videos, files.

Illustration: The following product is Magento 2 guide that can be downloaded. 

Magento Downloadable Products

(Source: Tigren)

Virtual Products:

Virtual products do not hold physical existence so there is no need for shipment, delivery, or downloading. Virtual products are in the form of memberships, warranty, subscriptions.

Illustration: The following is the fitness membership and you will not have any physical product.

Magento Virtual Products(Source: Magento)

How to Add Products in Magento 2:

  • From the Admin Panel, browse to Catalog > Products > Add Product
  • Select the required product type and go ahead with the product information.
  • that’s it – Check with your store frontend.

Final Words:

So, We have also share technical tutorial for How to Create a New Product Type in Magento 2, Now you are well aware of all the product types in Magento 2, get the most out of it. If you are looking to Hire a Magento Developer, our Magento 2 Certified Developers having 10+ years experience can be of significant assistance to you.

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