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How will your business grow when you haven’t established your online store yet?

In this testing time of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become quite crucial to switch your offline store to an online one. The COVID-19 crisis has quickened the change in demand from brick-and-mortar retail to E-commerce. The E-commerce industry has witnessed a considerable amount of rising during these times. And customers can easily find your business if it has an online presence. It is also very useful if you have your mobile app for your e-commerce store. MageComp has come up with a solution for your e-commerce store. Build a mobile application for your e-commerce store with no code required.

It’s not an easy gig to directly opt for any online store developer. E-commerce platforms seem like the flavors of a pizza. You will be enticed to use all of the platforms. You have to dig into the whole anatomy to choose the best E-commerce platforms available and then decide which is the right one for your business.

Before sparing any further time of yours, let us discuss the main agenda of our blog tutorial today. In this blog tutorial, we are going to crumble the best of 6 platforms to cherry-pick in 2022 when converting your brick-and-mortar store into E-commerce or when you are wanting to move to another platform.

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Top 6 Best E-commerce Platforms in India 2022


A non-hosted E-commerce platform, Magento is extensively created for the coders who are on the lookout for a flexible and powerful system that is modifiable. If we look at a report by a website builder, there are over 2,70,000 retailers that opt for Magento.

You can check out the more extensive Magento review here. Magento is one of the most popular online store-building platforms and it covers 20% of all eCommerce shops, making it one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.


  • Customizable platform.
  • Abundant availability of marketplace extensions.
  • Community support with a wide range of tutorials and debugging opportunities.
  • It is immensely extensible. So, no need to worry while upgrading later.
  • Integrated effortlessly with emailing platforms such as Mailchimp.


  • Still at a growing stage so developers and businesses might switch to another platform in the near future.
  • Beholds quite a complex and long structure. So, to come up with an online store, a very professional team of developers and testers is required.


The most popular hosted E-commerce platform today, Shopify is an all-rounder E-commerce website builder. Shopify empowers more than 1 million users. There are over 500000 “active” Shopify stores as per a report by Ecommerce platforms.


  • Shopify enables you to use a large number of add-ons and offers you 70+ professional themes (with free 9 themes).
  • SEO friendly.
  • Integrates with other sales channels 
  • 24/7 customer support – customers can reach by phone call, email, or live chat. Support provided in 19 different languages. Support content is also available.
  • Provides point of sale for retailers.


  • Can be relatively expensive as against other platforms.
  • Demand little technical proficiency.


WooCommerce is built on a WordPress platform providing E-commerce serviceability to all the WordPress platforms. Out of all the E-commerce websites today on the internet, WooCommerce is used by 15% of them as per the statistics provided by makewebbetter


  • Configuration is easy as WordPress is effortless to get familiar with.
  • Does not require servers as it is based on WordPress.
  • Add-ons and themes are handy at no or low prices.
  • WordPress provides a huge support community.
  • Free to install and use for a lifetime except for some.


  • Probably not the right platform for companies that are either middle to large or are looking to expand their business.


Bigcommerce is another E-commerce based platform that is quite appropriate to large-scale software industries. In total, there are over 60,000 sites being built on Bigcommerce as per information by social beat


  • You will easily be able to integrate more than 65 payment gateways provided by Bigcommerce.
  • Easy optimization of the shopping cart on mobile devices.
  • With the availability of Bigcommerce, you will be able to sell on various websites like Amazon, Facebook, and eBay.
  • Enhanced search engine optimization tools.


  • At intervals, Customer-service can be undependable.


An affordable and flexible E-commerce platform, the Wix platform is a great alternative to consider while moving to an online business. As per the information provided by social beat, the Wix platform has over 2000+ E-commerce stores live in India.


  • The platform has logo makers which are easy to use.
  • Free to use. The upgrade is required if you are looking to enlarge your storage or to remove ads by Wix.
  • You are not confined to long-term plans.
  • your site is secured and the speed time also does not get reduced.
  • Offers you customized product pages.


  • Not scalable after a specific extent.
  • Restricted payment gateway in India.


Over 20 lakh small and independent businesses trust Instamojo as their preferred eCommerce platform. You can easily create a FREE online store for your eCommerce business in 4 simple steps. It is the only website builder in India that comes with integrated payments at a flat pricing. No additional charges or maintenance costs for the payment gateway are needed.

With a plug-and-play model and an easy-to-use interface, it is also one of the most affordable website builders that you can find in the Indian market today.

Instamojo has features to start and grow any kind of business. Get a professional, easy-to-navigate storefront and start selling online within minutes. Also, check product retouching services.


  • Easy to set-up
  • A branded website with beautiful customizable themes
  • In-built payment gateway and eCommerce shipping
  • SEO features and marketing automation available
  • Cash on delivery (COD) supported
  • Priority support for website customizations


  • Limited international payments
  • Free plans have a higher transaction fee

In Conclusion:

So, here we conclude with our today’s tutorial on the Top 6 Best Ecommerce Platforms in India. We hope this helps you all in picking out the right platform for your online store. If you are looking forward to custom developing your Magento store, hire a dedicated Magento developer today itself from MageComp.

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