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Many times, a prospective customer tends to believe more in the reviews of your product. Gathering positive feedback is crucial in driving more sales.

A study by PowerReviews says that more than 95% of users read reviews before buying a product.

Remind your customers via email to seek reviews from there. Grab the Review Reminder module for Magento 2 Now. 

How to Allow Guests to Write Reviews in Magento 2?

Step 1: General Settings 

  • Sign in to Magento Admin Account.
  • Navigate to Stores → Configuration.

Step 2: Allow Guests to Write Reviews

product reviews

  • Go to Catalog → Catalog.
  • We will be working in the Product Reviews segment.
  • Set the Allow Guests to Write Reviews field to Yes.
  • Save Config.


So, that was very easy to set up. Configure now and let reviews pop up in your Magento store.

Learn why Customer reviews are important for your eCommerce store.

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