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In Magento, it is essential to create product attribute sets. The Magento admin can create the attribute and then he can move forward to the attribute set. You cannot change an already assigned attribute set to a product. Despite the product having already been created, you cannot change it. 

A product attribute set consists of the characteristics of a product in the form of attributes. As a result, the Magento admins can swiftly import all the product details in the mass. 

In addition to the default 14 attribute sets provided by Magento, you can easily create new attribute sets. This blog will cover how you can create new attribute sets in Magento 2.

How to Create New Attribute Sets in Magento 2?

  • Sign in to Magento Admin.
  • Go to Stores → Attributes → Attribute Set

new attribute configuration

  • Click Add Attribute Set.

add attribute set

Enter the asked information.

  • Name: Give a name to the attribute. This is asked for internal use.
  • Based On: Select an attribute set that will be applied as a template.
  • Hit the Save button.

attribute set information

  • The next page will look like this.

edit attribute set

  • To change the attribute set, just drag the items from Unassigned Attributes to the Groups column.
  • When finished Save

Summing It Up!

And, It’s Done!

So, these were the quick steps to construct attribute sets in Magento 2. This is vital to convey various product attributes simultaneously.

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