The subscription-based business model trend is emerging rapidly in the last few years. The Magento community is also adopting the Product Subscription Model.

As we announced previously, we are switching to the Subscription-based business model for all our products from February 1, 2022

There might be numerous questions in your mind about the Product Subscription Model. What it is, What are the benefits and How will the plan work. Read ahead to get a clear idea about MageComp’s Product Subscription Model.

Here is the complete information with the terms and conditions for our product subscription plan.

Benefits of Product Subscription for Customers:

  • Product Subscription will help customers to acquire an ongoing support service for Magento 2 Extensions.
  • Get the latest version and upgrades of the extension during the subscription period.
  • Permanent Accessibility to the original codebase of the products purchased on Subscription.
  • The subscription model includes regular upgrades and new features for the product.
  • Upgrade and support of the extension will be available free of cost for the first year.

Terms and Conditions of MageComp’s Product Subscription:

To get an accurate picture of our Subscription Model, check out the below information.

Settlements for orders placed before adaption of Subscription Model:

In order to provide exclusive support to our old customers, we have extended the support service. Our default support was 3 months that will be extended to 1 year with the launch of the Subscription model.

Purchases made between 1 November, 2021 to 31 January, 2022 will be provided upgrade and support service for 1 year instead of 3 months. After that, we will also be providing a grace period till 1 February, 2023 for Extension upgrade and support services.

Hence your subscription will end on 1 February, 2023. After then, you can freely renew your subscription to continuously enjoy upgrade and support services for the extensions you have purchased.

Guidelines for orders placed after adaption of Subscription Model:

MageComp is applying the Product Subscription Model from February 1, 2022. Purchases made on and after February 1, 2022 will be in accordance with the Subscription Model.

We will be providing Upgrade and Support services till 1 year from your purchase date for the products you have ordered. There is no extra cost for the Upgrade and Support service. You just need to pay the extension amount to relish the services. After 1 year you can easily renew the subscription to get the latest updates for the extension.

Terms for Subscription Renewal:

The subscription model includes 1 year of Upgrade and support for the products purchased. After completion of 1 year of your Subscription, you can renew it without difficulty at any time.

If you renew the subscription before its completion, you are liable to pay 50% of the Extension amount for upgrade and support both and 30% of the Extension amount for only upgrade.

If you renew the subscription anytime after its completion, you are liable to pay 60% of the Extension amount for upgrade and support both and 40% of the Extension amount for only upgrade.

Final Words:

This was all about the Product Subscription Model of MageComp. Check out the Terms of Product Subscription Model with Example. With this change, we look forward to providing high-quality service and round-the-clock support to our customers. Please contact our support team for your questions and queries.

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