Till now, you might be using Instagram to share photos with amazing filter options, right? Have you ever thought the most popular app can get you lots of money as well! You just need to step forward with an idea of establishing an online shop through Instagram and you can reach millions of potential customers round the world.

First of all, register your shop with Instagram, set a profile picture, fill up bio providing basic information about products, and add a link for potential users to find you online easily, share products with hashtags and you’re almost done with Instagram part. Now what if you want to leverage the benefits of this images in your Magento store, integration of Instagram with Magento is what required at this stage.

Instagram requires App permission to use it for Ecommerce purpose but the good news is, you don’t have to apply and get permission for use of our Magento Instagram extension as we have developed it stand alone to work for your business and make the most out of it.

MageComp has come up with Magento Instagram Integration extension to connect both and start benefiting. See how:

    1. Fetch Instagram Images on Magento stores: Bringing Instagram images on Magento store is the very first and most important thing to proceed further. With the extension, you can bring images and videos from your Instagram account based on hashtags or usernames. Simply add comma separated hashtags and usernames from which you want to bring images, update image list from frontend and approve them to show on various pages. Image list can be filled this way.
    2. Show Instagram images and videos on various pages: Your Magento store might have various category, product and other CMS pages. Your images should be shown here in order to market them to visitors. You need to place a short code in backend pages to show them in frontend.
    3. Instagram Page: Extension facilitates with a separate page to showcase all Instagram images and videos. Hovering any image shows description, likes and clicking it opens in a responsive popup. You can even navigate through other images with buttons from popup only.
    4. Using Hotspots on images: The most useful feature is using hotspot on Instagram images. Once you have fetched them, you can position hotspots on various parts of images. Let’s understand it better with an image below. Here you can see a girl wearing striped T-shirt, Shiny black 3/4th Legging and styled with a white pair of shoes, black aviators and a handbag.1_image-for-setting-hotpsots
      Now if you are selling each of the products shown here, you can position hotspot on each from backend. Extension facilitates to add multiple titles and links to it as well. You can add title for each product, set a product link and Top and Left position for hotspot.2_hotspot-settings-from-backend
      Once you are all set with titles, links and hotspots, image is ready to show in frontend. On hover of various titles, related products are shown and highlighted with hotspot set from backend. Clicking title will land to particular product page. Visitors thus can buy that product.



  1. Instagram Likes: You can even show likes of a particular Instagram image on hover of image. This shows popularity of fetched Instagram images and encourages buyers to see image and check details.

Combining all these features, we have developed Magento Instagram extension to create a complete store. After launch, we have got overwhelming response, feedbacks and suggestions. Apart from it, extension proves to be number 1 and have a competitive advantage over others. If you would like to test and try all the features, checkout our demo store.

After installing our extension, all of our customers came to know that Instagram can be so useful in bringing traffic and drastically improve sales as well. So what are you waiting for, try and buy Instagram Integration for Magento and start taking benefits from this most popular social media platform.

magento 2 instagram integration

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