Is your emphasis on on-page optimization? Marketers who are focusing their attention and efforts on on-page optimization must be having a fair idea about the concept of keyword research. If you try to optimize your SEO content simply by using a single keyword phrase then you seem to be going wrong, as far as, on-page SEO is concerned. It is a good idea to consider targeting multiple keywords for just a single post. Hence, it is of pivotal importance to identify some other keywords associated with the primary keyword and include them in your SEO content. But how could you identify the related or relevant keywords to use? You need to look for latent semantic indexing or LSI keywords to be precise.

As per Stanventures, “Adding such phrases or keywords can bring old content on the top by increasing its rankings. LSI Keyword stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It’s the method followed by search engines’ including Google for comparing the relationship between different terms. If you add such keywords to your content, the SEO traffic on your post gets improved.” LSI keywords are known to boost the overall SEO performance of your page and drive more targeted traffic to your website. You could get these LSI keywords with the help of some effective tools that assist you in locating some of the best Latent Semantic Indexing keywords for your page. Let us examine some of the useful LSI tools.


BlogPatcher is known to analyze your website in a similar fashion as a search engine. It would be recommending effective solutions for rectifying SEO errors like content, keywords, or the topics to be used while creating your next post. All this would prove to be fruitful in helping your site drive more traffic and rank higher on the SERP. This is a fantastic tool for SEO experts and bloggers. You may get in touch with one of the expert SEO companies such as for ensuring brilliant SEO solutions.

Niche Laboratory

Niche Laboratory is a fantastic tool that is exceptionally competent in providing you with the best keywords, article ideas, web pages, competitor analysis, and niches. It is really helpful in enhancing content generation because it is capable of presenting 150 Latent Semantic Indexing keywords for every query. It is possible to find even more LSI keywords by upgrading to the more effective Pro version.


KWFinder is a super-effective LSI keyword tool. It helps in generating both long tail keywords and also, the main keywords that help in generating more keywords. KWFinder’s free version is capable of generating almost 50 queries every day. If you are looking for more, you could easily upgrade to KWFinder Pro version. You could consider filtering keywords as per country, language, or even the exact number of words. You could even think of exporting keyword lists as CSV file.

Ultimate Keyword Hunter

The Ultimate Keyword Hunter actually is a free but extremely effective LSI keyword tool. You simply require downloading and installing before using the tool. This is available even on Windows and is not meant for the beginners at all. This LSI keyword tool is supposed to be quite complex and difficult to use. However, there are tutorials out there for you on their website. You must remember that the Ultimate Keyword Hunter is a free tool and is best for advanced users only who seem to be looking for extra and cutting-edge features.


You could now come across the best keywords provided you opt for one or more of the above-discussed LSI tools. All these SEO tools have been really effective in enhancing the ranking and boosting conversions. These brilliant LSI tools are also, capable of boosting your lead generation and emails apart from providing you the right LSI keywords for boosting your SEO.

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