Having powerful CMS like Magento is not so easy and maintain for newbies because it takes a lot of effort to handle Ecommerce store flawlessly. But Magento community is one of the active community where developers are constantly trying to fix its core issue and enhance the Open source Community Edition. Apart from that, Magento comes with its powerful admin panel that allows the store owner to handle all store functionality at one place. To serve seamless shopping experience to your shoppers and stay updated with trends one needs to update their store regularly.

But if you upgrade, migrate or perform a fresh Magento 2 installation whether it is Community Edition or Enterprise Edition, you have seen that well known blank page issue that displays nothing on the front. Here is a solution if you are facing the same blank page issue after a fresh installation of Magento 2.x.

To do the same first you need to open “Validator.php” file located at below path.
Approximately around line number 133, you will find this function.

Now inside this function find this code.

And replace it with the below code.

That’s it now open your command line interface (CLI) and run following command.

That’s it. Now navigate to the admin page it will start working and your blank page issue is resolved now.
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Happy Fixing!


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