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Hopefully, you guys are safe and indoors! This pandemic is getting longer and longer. But don’t worry we have a solution for you. We are going to 10 ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment for Magento stores. Boost your E-commerce sales by reading this informative article Top 5 Ways to Grow Your E-Commerce Business in 2020 (that’s actually work) In this we are going to explain every aspect related to the topic that will clear all your doubts. So without further ado, let’s Get In?.


The primary motive of any online business is to increase its sales as well as boost the conversion rates. To achieve this goal, the E-commerce owners undertake several marketing strategies. From adopting the various promotional tools to adhering to social media, inviting more and more customers has always been on the top of the list.

However, the implementation of these marketing ideologies is not just the sole solution to attract traffic at your online store. A lot many other factors may also intervene while the customer surfs your site to make purchases. There happens several times when your targeted customer leaves the store without making any purchase. This may be merely because of a weak checkout procedure. The maximum successful conversion rates depend on a convenient, simple, and quick checkout procedure. 

Designing a proper checkout process paves your way to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Fortunately, with Magento 2.0 at your service you don’t even need to bother incorporating different extensions to develop your checkout procedure. It comes along with a ready-to-use extension type that allows you to design the most flexible and easy checkout procedure. 

Previously we had learned about How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment by optimizing Magento 2 Shopping Cart Page. For the year 2020, we bring to you fresh and more efficient tips to help you reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment for Magento Store.

Keep a check on the prices:

The final checkout prices of the total cart tend to rise due to the addition of the shipping charges, taxes, handling costs, etc. These increased costs don’t go well with the buyers and thus they leave the site without shopping for any item.

One way to overcome this issue is to eliminate the shipping charges or decide on a very minimum amount for them. Another way to do this is to develop a scheme where the shipping charges would be directly eliminated on the purchase of a stipulated amount. This wah customer excitement and company sales, both can be kept in perfect order.

Abandoned Carts must be tracked:

While the customer leaves your site with products in the cart and no purchase made, you can always track these customers back through follow-up emails and notifications. These timely checks and reminders may induce in them a feeling of purchase and thus may end up buying the products.

Help them Navigate the Product:

It becomes helpful if you help your customers reach their required products with absolute ease. Help your audiences navigate their product by bifurcating the categories in context to various aesthetics such a size, color, price, etc. and making their purchase procedure straightforward and quick. This in turn may also fasten up their checkouts.

You can also aid better navigation by showing product suggestions similar to searches and well as make the process efficient by allowing quick orders which may eliminate the extra time to visit and check all the products.

Description of the Product:

While making the purchases virtually it is difficult for the customer to analyze the product tangibly. Hence, all he depends upon is the Product Information and characteristics stated by the company in its description online. Thus, it becomes the moral responsibility of the businessmen to reveal all the necessary and truthful information about the product on the site so that maximum sales can be made. Incomplete and false information must be refrained from being posted.

Security and Speed:

One of the most commonly faced issues while buying online is the slow speed of loading pages which causes the transaction to be failed at the time of the checkout. Also, when the website hangs every now and then and takes a lot of time while loading its pages, the customer feels tiresome and leaves the site. Thus, a quick and secure website must be facilitated for the customer to have a happy buying.

These days this phenomenon can be solved by providing a hassle-free shopping experience on mobile phones as maximum purchases are made through the various mobile applications.

Call of Action:

The icons such as ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Continue Shopping’ must be made clearly visible on the page so that the customer can finish the shopping process with utmost ease. If these calls of action buttons are clearly visible to the customers, they may not have to spend extra time and effort in searching for these options while making the purchases.


While buying online, your customer may have a lot of queries about the product, delivery, payment options, reliability, quality, etc. In this case they always pop in questions through personal chats or comments. Brands should make sure that they are really quick in responding to the customer’s query because if they fall short of perfect timing, the customer might feel dissatisfied and leave the site for an alternative.

Coupon Attractions:

A general tendency of the buyer is to buy the product from the site that gives them more benefits than the other. Such situations demand of offering your customers with discount coupons, reference points, and loyalty points which may attract their interests and induce sales for the company. The best customers to target with these coupon benefits are the ones who have abandoned their carts in the past. Following them up with discount offers might bring them to making productive trade with your online shop.

Customer Experience:

It is essentially important to create transparency between you and the customer to maintain your sales frequency and gain a loyal customer base. Invites for online reviews, ratings, and feedback should be encouraged, for these are the factors that influence the customer’s decision to buy the product and complete the checkout.

Also, aid a simple, quick, and reliable return and Exchange Policy so that the customer feels safe while buying products from your site and even comes back for another purchase in the future.


Towards the end it all comes down to one simple tip- “One-step Check-out”. The check-out process must be kept invariably easy and unambiguous so that the customer can implement it without facing any doubt and error. Guest check-outs must be provided so that logins and signups every now and then do not frustrate the customer.

Over to You: 

Not finding the right number of customers and desired sales on your online portals may have several reasons. All of these can be worked upon by making the correct marketing decisions. However, one of the most unconventional ways to pay heed to this issue is by reducing the number of abandoned carts.

Business people never think of the complex check-out procedures as a reason for reduced sales. But for a matter of fact, confusing and lengthy check-out procedures may be one of the most crucial reasons for customers not showing interest in the products of your company. However, these abandoned carts can be eliminated, and the check-outs can be made super easy and quick by incorporating usual and easy tips during the routine, thereby achieving the desired sales!

All you need is proper execution with thoughtful planning! And for any doubt or help, you can always Contact Us, we are here to help you out in any possible manner we can.If you like this article then kindly let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share with your Magento buddies.

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