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How are you all working? I hope all are safe and productive at home. Today I am with another interesting solution for How to Clear Cache For Specific CMS Page Programmatically in Magento 2. Meanwhile, If you have not visited the lately published article then have a look at MAGENTO 2: How to Change Default Active Tab on Admin Order View Page. So let’s begin?.


Basically, Magento uses much memory when it works and requires to flush the memory several times in a day. Many times Magento Developer requires flush cache for specific cms page because of the changes on cms pages or call another phtml file from cms page or a change in this phtml file. So directly after that you need to flush cache and for that flushing, the whole site cache is not appropriate because it will result in the downtime of the site. Therefore, make a practice to flush only specific cms pages and flush not affect the whole site. 

Step to Flush Cache:

For that, we have to create a PHP script which you need to put on the root in your installed Magento folder and you can directly run on a web browser.

Hence, by applying the above you will be capable of flushing the specific CMS page successfully.

Final Words:

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