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I hope you are doing great. So, let’s start with today’s topic, how to change store email addresses in Magento 2 store.

Magento 2, with its awesome Ecommerce functionality, allows you to setup the 5 different store email addresses with sender name you can configure in Magento 2 admin for each store view. Each email address can be assigned to a different person, and each email can perform a different role. If you just started to use the Magento 2 platform, then let me tell you how you can change the email addresses of your preferences from the back-end.

Magento 2 offers three predefined email identities and two custom identities you can set as per your need.

Predefined email identities are

  • General
  • Sales Person
  • Customer support

You can always add two more Email addresses according to your needs.

Once you configure the Sender and Email addresses, you have the option to save it. Wherever you need to select the sender in Magento configuration like at contact us page, you can select the email sender from the dropdown, and the same email and sender name will be taken.

When your store is live, you must send the order notification from the email like sales@magecomp.com contact us and support notifications from the email like support@magecomp.com
and General inquiries from info@magecomp.com

Below is the screenshot from store – configuration – General – Store Email Address where you can define the sender name and sender email.
Here general contact is the identifier which you need to select at, for example, contact us email as suggested above.

general contact

Similarly, you can add different emails for each identity as per your needs.

Just to give you the idea, here is the screenshot for contact us. The email sender is the one where we select the identifier.

contact us

Similarly, you can do this for general, salesperson, customer support page, and other pages you want to add email to.

So, from today’s tutorial, we learned how you could change the store email addresses as per your need. You can set a different email address for various roles. Also, you can define the role of each email identity.

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Thank you for reading this and stay tuned for the next tutorial. If you found this tutorial helpful, Don’t forget to share it with your Magento friends! ?

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