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You must know that Magento is an intricate E-commerce platform. If you are not habituated with developing, then it is hardly possible to get the most out of this platform and create CMS expeditiously. But, let us be realistic and agree that there is no other platform as Magento that proffers this level of flexibility and extensibility.

So, this requires Hiring a Magento developer who is proficient and skilled. In today’s article, I have shed light on how to hire the best Magento developer in India. Also, catch a glimpse of the Points to keep in mind When you Hire a Magento Developer.

Principal Responsibilities of a Magento Developer

  • Installation and Configuration of Magento 2
  • Management of site speed and responsiveness.
  • Creating a customized website design.
  • Creating tailored plugins and extensions.
  • Integration of payment gateways and CMS
  • Improvising website performance.
  • Ensuring multi-lingual and multi-currency payment support.
  • SEO audit performing.
  • A/B testing to improve customer experience.

Core Points To Analyze When Hiring The Best Magento 2 Developers In India

You need to have an accurate understanding of what your terms are. Let’s have a look at a few points to contemplate when deciding your needs.

Full-time Work or Project-based Work?

Hire a full-time Magento Developer if:

  1. You are looking to develop a full-fledged website from the ground up.
  2. Your company is huge and continuous changes are required.
  3. You are looking for the back-end to be managed.
  4. You are looking to refurbish your website.

Hire a project-based Magento Developer if:

  1. You want to make some amendments to the extensions.
  2. You want to modify the website layout.
  3. You want to make minor modifications to the website.
  4. You’re looking for mostly the front end to be managed.

Front-end Development or Back-end development?

  • Front-end Magento Development

A front-end Magento developer works to better the appearance and behavior of the website. Design and layout amendments made by the front-end developer are straight presented to the end-users. A skilled front-end Magento developer should have a complete awareness of HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and Magento CMS.

  • Back-end Magento Development

A Back-end Magento Developer will manage the enhancements and modifications made to your website. He is accountable for the developments of business integrations, extensions, payment gateway integration, and others through coding, testing, and creating databases. 

Skill-set To Watch Out For Magento 2 Developer

  1. Programming Language Expertise
  2. Achieved Certifications 
  3. Necessary expertise of Magento 2
  4. Ecommerce integration experience
  5. Magento extension development experiences
  6. Custom Magento theme integration experiences
  7. Understanding of Javascript
  8. Problem-solving abilities
  9. Understanding of database technologies
  10. Magento migration execution

How to Recognize Your Magento Developer?

Check for Reviews, Ratings, and References

To look or the reviews and rating of a Magento developer is something all firms need to check. Looking for their ratings will help you get a fair opinion of the applicant’s profile, working perfection, and professionalism. Connect with their past clients to get a precise idea of the capability of that developer.

Look At Their Magento Work Portfolio And Certifications

Reviewing their work portfolio and certification will provide you a precise approach if the applicant is the best fit or not. Work portfolio will showcase their talents, working styles, and the work they have done till now. The Magento Developer’s work portfolio should shed a light about:

  • Number of projects
  • Proficiency
  • Experience
  • Frameworks
  • Lesson plans
  • Certifications
  • Design and development work

Describe The Project’s Precise Demands

Convey accurate guidelines and project details with the Magento developer. This is because the developers would not get the expected outcomes if the requirements are not specified accurately.

Allot a Sample Test Project

Taking a sample test is necessary when you are doubtful regarding the expertise of the developer. When there is a huge project, taking a sample test can be helpful to assure yourself that you’re hiring the right candidate for your website.

Communication Skills Must Be Good

The Magento developer must have good communication skills accompanying all of his technical skillsets.

Bottom Line

A Magento developer will make your life more relaxed. The right person for your Magento project can benefit you to get as much as you required out of Magento’s robust system.,

Hire our Certified Magento Developers who can proficiently reframe and redesign your Magento web store from top to bottom as per your requirements.

Happy Reading!

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