Hey Magento, Happy Birthday!

Today is an auspicious day and that is Magento’s 12th birthday . It is a memorable day to celebrate the success and make this day special for all who are connected directly or indirectly with Magento. MageComp by celebrating this propitious day and discussing all the achievements of Magento in this article.

Beneath Foundation of Magento

Varien company firstly developed the Magento The very first version was published on March 31, 2008. Bento was the name introduced at the very first moment but when there was a copyright issue it was changed later on. After the foundation of Magento, it was sold 3 times in total. It was first purchased by eBay from 2011 to 2015 and later on from 2018 onwards Adobe software company is the owner to date.

Why Choose Magento in 2020?

Some of the best features and functionalities to become #1 Ecommerce platform in 2020.

  •  Magento is an Open Source Platform
  •  It provides a wide range of Customizations and Extensions.
  •  It also Offers Application Programming Interface for Inventory Management
  •  Inbuilt Digital Marketing Assistant
  •  It easily helps in creating website mobile friendly.
  •  Provides best security.
  •  Smooth and straightforward Checkout. 
  •  Allows you to run multiple websites on the same backend

Best Magento Insights

Use of Magento Worldwide

There are mainly  178,334 live websites using Magento and additional 599,804 sites that use Magento historically and 2,445 websites in India. In which the US consumes the largest part of it. (Source:https://trends.builtwith.com/shop/Magento)

Magento Community

The official community of Magento is mainly spread over 400,000 users, in which the community is all the way discussing new features and with that, it also covers the helping of solving the problems among the community. (Source:https://community.magento.com/)

Magento Version

Basically, the latest Magento version is Magento 2.3.4 which got officially released on January 28, 2020. But the Magento 1.x version is still widely used. The users using the older version must take a trustworthy note that Magento will be stopping the official support and updates for Magento 1.x from June 2020 onwards.

Magento Events Worldwide


Mainly, in total, more than 2000 business leaders from approximately 60 countries are joining this meet every year.

Meet Magento

Meet Magento is an official partner of Magento in which the events connecting all the people around the globe connect and are organized by Magento Experts. This event mainly takes place all around the world.


The Magento Imagine Summit takes place in Las Vegas where the official Magento Conference is described. This event connects approximately 3000 Magento experts all around the nation.

Interesting Statistics of Magento

  1. Over 250,000 merchants choose Magento for their business.
  2. Magento currently powers 0.8% of sites on the Internet.
  3. Magento handles more than $155 billion in gross merchandise every year.
  4. There are over 150,000 Magento developers around the world.
  5. The average order value (AOV) on Magento sites is between $180 and $196.
  6. The number of Magento sites doubled between 2017 and 2018.
  7. Over 5,000 Magento extensions are available today.
  8. Magento CE has 24.8% of the e-commerce market share while Shopify has 9%.
  9. There are 14,500 stores powered by Magento in Alexa’s top 1M websites.
  10. 9.5% of all Magento websites are in the United States.


Big Brands using the Magento Platform

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Ford
  3. Nike
  4. Christian Louboutin
  5. Olympus
  6. Nestle Nespresso
  7. Fox Connect
  8. Warby Parker
  9. Vizio
  10. Rebecca Minkoff

The figures show that more than 100,000+ retailers all over the world are using Magento for their business expansion and growth. Therefore, assuming a good time for you to choose the Magento platform for your business and give an opportunity to MageComp for providing the best Magento services to you.

Magento at MageComp

We are very excited conveying you that being a part of Magento our company is strongly encapsulated in the roots where we have completed some of our greatest work.  In this competitive situation MageComp  becoming one of the best Magento Ecommerce service providers since it started growing back in 2014. Here we are providing 150+ Magento and Magento 2 Extensions. MageComp’s work at a glance by describing its 20000+ Satisfied Customers, 657+ Projects Completed, 120+ Served Countries. We are growing with a team of best certified Magento developers who are strongly working where your ideas are implemented in creating the best solution. By precisely saying that lots  of clients have enhanced their Magento stores with our industry leading Magento Services such as Migration, Upgrade, Custom Development, and Graphic Designing.

Final Words

Excited to elaborate the message, Ecommerce industries are flourishing with the help of Magento and including us, all are enthusiastically in expectation for more accomplishment. Let’s light the candles and celebrate this special day who is spreading joy and positivity all around in the Ecommerce industries. At last but not least, on behalf of our whole team of MageComp wishing Magento a Happiest Birthday. 


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