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For keeping you all the rage, we have been working a lot on providing the best service to our customers. You will get actionable information to speed up your business with our rapidly going services and extensions.

Ecommerce business is increasing at a very fast rate. In this growth, Magento is an essential part to provide all the Ecommerce businesses a platform to reach their specific goals. Primarily, we are feeling joy in contributing to this success? by creating reliable resources for it

Let’s dive right in!

Firstly, let’s know what are some most interesting extensions we launched last month?

Virtual keyboard

Virtual Keyboard Magento 2

Magento 2 Virtual keyboard is capable of customizing the product as per the customer’s wish. It has an inbuilt feature of charging for each and every character the customer adds in their product. Now, your customer has been able to configure their desired product which helps you in your rapid sales growth and makes your work effortless.

Benefits and Features of the Extension:

  • Clear-cut and uncomplicated to configure the extension.
  • The customer desired customization of the products.
  • Charge your customer as per product customization.
  • Set the price of your product fixed or percentage base accordingly.

Mobile Login FREE

mobile login FREE for Magento 2

Free Magento 2 Mobile Login Extension will make your store capable by allowing the customers to LOG IN with the help of mobile numbers. It is a free extension that enhances your store by decreasing the login process in your store.

Benefits and Features of the Extension:

  • The key benefit which it covers is its FREE Extension.
  • Provide Login in your store by mobile number.
  • Log in to your Magento 2 store with ease.
  • Smooth and easy process of installing the extension.

Check-out Latest updated extension versions:

Magento 2 Mobile Login Version: 2.1.1

mobile login FREE for Magento 2

Benefits and Features of the updated Extension:

  • Now it is compatible with Magento 2.3.4 the Latest Magento version.
  • Precisely fixed and updated the verification issue.
  • Added the feature of Compatible with Multiple Websites.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Final Thoughts

By ending my words, this was it for the last month. For the next month, we promise that we are going to launch and upgrade extensions that will help you in achieving the success you desire?.

At last, if you have any problem with upgrading or installing any extension or you didn’t find your desired extension which are you looking for? then feel free to contact our support team for any help.

Happy Reading.?

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