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How are you all working? Many of our blog readers have approached me to provide an ultimate solution on How to get Instagram Feed Access Token. So, the solution to that problem I am here to guide you step by step How to get Instagram Feed Access Token. Also, take a look at our last published article where we have discussed the update provided by Magento Breaking News: Magento 2.4.0 (Beta) Version Launched. So without further ado let’s begin.


In this time period, where the smartphones are maximum in use and the usage of social media are touching to the next height and between that the E-commerce business are shifting their sales to bring it on the well-known social media platforms. Instagram used by more than 1 Billion users is proving to be used as sales for E-commerce businesses. For Magento 2 Platform it is very easy to shift their business using the significant extension Magento 2 Shoppable Instagram. Also, advanced your sales with the pro extension for better sales and more business growth Magento 2 Instagram Feed Pro. Now, you will have a question how to get Instagram Feed Access Token for the extension. No worries here is the complete guide for getting the Instagram Feed access token.

Also, You can explore our video tutorial for getting access to the token of your Instagram feed post.

Steps to Get Instagram Feed Access Token:

Step 1: Go to Facebook Developer Console, Navigate to this Link, and click on Get Started.

How to Generate In Instagram Token for Shoppable Instagram Post

Step 2: Click on Create First App

Create First App

Step 3: Enter appropriate details here and click on Create App ID

Create App ID

Step 4: Click on to SetUp 

Step 5: Navigate to Basic and add appropriate details and click on Save Changes.

Step 6: Navigate to Business Verification and click on Get Started

Step 7: Select your business account and click to submit.

Step 8: Navigate to Business Account and goto Accounts>Apps and click on Add People.

Step 9: Select your account and enable the Manage App.

Step 10: Navigate to account>pages click on add people and enable View Earning Tasks

Step 11: Navigate to System Users select your app and click on generate new token.

Step 12 : Select your app and select the checkbox for the permission and click on Generate token

Step 13: You will get your token which you can paste at your desired location.

Hence, after implementing the above steps you will get the user token for your Instagram Access.

Final Words:

I hope the above-given tutorial is helpful for all. Easily make your business growth by using the Magento 2 Shoppable Instagram. For advanced improvement and enhanced features make use of our Magento 2 Instagram Feed Pro extension. Get an easy video solution to all the Magento problems at MageComp Youtube Channel. Also, comment down your reviews regarding the above tutorial. In case any issues do contact our Support team for further assistance. Don’t forget to share with your E-commerce friends. 

Happy Selling On Instagram! 

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