As someone who is constantly looking for ways to promote their online store, we bet that you agree with the following things:

No matter what marketing channels you use, it is always not enough.

You always need:

  • A lot of conversions to meet your sales target.
  • Need traffic that is highly relevant to your business instead of accidental ones.
  • Ways to boost repeat sales from your previous customers.

Here’s the thing: Facebook holds one of the biggest e-commerce orders on social media. In fact, the average ROI that you could get from Facebook Ads is 152%.

Therefore, not advertising on it will be a missed opportunity for you and your business.

In this post, we will talk about some of the best game-changing Facebook strategies that you can use to drive e-commerce sales:

1. Use Dynamic Product Ads

You can utilize Dynamic Product ads by bringing in customers that are a bit hesitant. You can do this by featuring tailored ads based on their activities on your site.

In its template, you do not have to craft ads for every product in your catalog. What the template will do is that it will get product names, pricing, images, and relevant information from your product catalog based on the details of the product that you upload on Facebook.

Through Dynamic ads, you can show single or multiple product ads to prospects who have visited your site, based on the products they viewed, placed on their carts, or even bought.

So if you have hundreds (or maybe thousands) of products to sell, then this is an excellent solution for you.

2. Be upfront about your campaign objective

The ad campaigns that you run on Facebook allows you to customize your targeting that is tailored to different objectives.

Do you need more leads? Views? Brand awareness? Engagement from your customers?

You must know right off the bat what you are looking for.

A lot of businesses, especially startups, have no idea what direction they want their campaign to take. They either go after too many targets all at once or spending too much money on PPC even if they do not have to.

Avoid making the same mistakes as them. Pick the right objective for your campaign right from the start, then specifically tailor your campaign to that.

3. Utilize multi-product ads

According to Voy Media, a top Facebook ads agency, “Facebook’s Multi-product ads allow you to show various products in a single ad. This type of ad gives your clients more options to choose from, and it can also boost your conversions. The more relevant the product is to the customer, the more likely that they’ll buy. You can also use these types of ads to show the various benefits of a single product.”

But are they effective?

Well, according to Adobe, their customers experienced:

  • A highly effective cost per acquisition.
  • A boost of 50% to 300% in click-through rate
  • A 35% decrease in cost per click, resulting in higher engagement.

It is also easy to set up Multi-product ads on the Power Editor. It can also be utilized either as a stand-alone ad or part of a dynamic product ad campaign.

4. Create abandoned cart campaigns

This scenario is fairly common: A prospect browses through your site, adds the items they like on their cart, and before they could check-out, they abandon their purchase.

So, how can you convince them to come back and complete what they have started?

Well, you need to start your abandoned cart campaigns. Its goal is to bring customers back to your store so that they can complete their purchases.

You can run ads on Facebook and then target shoppers so that they can come back to your site. But what if they already bought something? Through Facebook Pixel, you can make and update segments automatically for customers who have abandoned their cart.

You can also engage with shoppers through Facebook Messenger. That way, you can send them abandoned cart campaigns that are automated directly through the platform.

5. Catch their attention using images

See to it that whenever you are using images on your ads, you are using high-quality images:

Here are some guidelines that you can follow:

  • The photos you should use should be vibrant, bright, and eye-catching.
  • Do not use images that have the same color as Facebook (white and blue) as it might blend in and might not get noticed.
  • Try to incorporate people in your images. Better yet, if they are shown using your product.
  • On average, photos of women do better than men.
  • Pick an image that is about the right size of your ad type.

Try to note all of these as people tend to scroll their feed quickly. Although your ads can create tons of engagement by themselves, adding texts and phrases that can have an emotional impact on your audience. These elements can make them even more effective and attention-grabbing as well.

6. Take advantage of the Facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a platform that allows advertisers to promote their products and services. One thing that is so unique about it is that you are dealing with a set of people that have a high search intent.

When these Marketplace ads are used properly, they can drive traffic to your business, which helps you gain more revenue in the long run.

7. Increase Urgency

Even when presented with a good deal, some people will still wait up to the very last minute to get a better deal. That’s why a great way to attract potential buyers is to increase the sense of urgency.

Mention how many items are available in stock, informing them that the product could be gone unless they act.

Here are a couple of phrases that evoke urgency:

  • Hurry
  • Prices going up
  • Last chance
  • Clearance
  • Only
  • Act Now
  • Limited Time
  • Don’t Miss Out
  • Offer expires on

Over to You

Facebook ads are an excellent way to grow your business over time, given that you know how to use them. By implementing these strategies on your own business, then you are well on your way to dominating Facebook in the long run. You can also create your own shop on Facebook and run a campaign for the same.

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