Finally wait is over, Magento has boomed with the launch of Magento 2.3.0 and make it available for all Developers. This time  Magento has made several functional fixes and enhancements. As usual, Magento has made major improvements and fixes to its core to serve remarkable performance for users. There are hundreds of improvements and fixes, but we have listed some highlights that will drastically impact on our daily Magento use.


Merchant tool enhancements:

  • Magento has bind Inventory Management provided by Multi-Source Inventory that allows merchants to manage inventory for all product types in a single warehouse and across complex shipping networks
  • Magento has renamed banner to dynamic block and now you can create banner content in easiy using WYSIWYG editor.


Security enhancements:

  • Also added 2FA/CAPTCHA protection for the Admin panel so now you dont need to worry about password stealing and bots.



  • Save & Duplicate option in the catalog manager now works as expected.
  • Now, Magento shows an alert when a merchant tries to save a product without completing required fields.
  • We can now assign and save a custom option assigned a price of 0.


Magento Shipping:

  • Magento added Click & Collect feature for Shipping that provides the option for customers to collect shipments also Tracking popups will be displayed for multi-package shipments.


Other improvements

  • Got Upgrade of Magento Functional Test Framework (MFTF) to 2.3.6.


Installation, upgrade, deployment:

  • Use bin/magento cron:install and cron:remove commands to install or uninstall cron across multiple Magento installations with the same crontab.
  • Use bin/magento setup command now provides a rollback option that retains files for future rollbacks.
  • The .htaccess template now uses Apache 2.4 syntax.
  • XML sitemap generation can now be scheduled.



  • The Enter button on the customer grid now filters the table as expected.
  • Customers can now successfully download and export PDFs after logging in. Previously, they were redirected to the Admin which is not fixed.



  • Now, Customers can now successfully log in when guest checkout is disabled and CAPTCHA is enabled.


Cart and checkout:

  • Now, we can save emoji in custom product options.
  • Magento now saves the address that a customer enters during checkout if the customer selects Save in address book option.
  • The mine cart now works as expected to displays product titles that contain special characters.


Cleanup and simple code refactoring:

  • All references to Magento Connect has been removed from the Find Partners & Extensions links.
  • Now uses valid ISO language codes in HTML headers.
  • Also, removed the usage of Zend_Json from the JSON controller.
Magento Upgrade Service

Magento Upgrade Service

So, these are the important features that we found useful and important for each of us. But Don’t forget to tell us your opinion about this newly launched Magento 2.3 by Commenting below.

You can also read our guide to quickly upgrade your Magento 2.x to Latest Version.

Happy Installing!

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