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This is the step-by-step tutorial on Creating Theme App Extension in the Shopify Laravel app.

Theme app extensions allow users to easily add dynamic elements to the themes. Using Theme App Extensions, Shopify merchants no longer need to modify theme files directly.

Benefits of Theme App Extension:

  • Integrate the app seamlessly without editing the theme files.
  • Creating theme-specific solutions is not required anymore.
  • Easily deploy the app to all online stores.
  • Code removal process not required to be implemented.
  • Overall a better user experience for merchants.

Let’s see How you can Create Theme App Extension in Shopify App

Steps to Create Theme App Extension in Shopify-Laravel App


Step 1: Partner Account Login

To login to your partner account, run the below command in the terminal

Step 2: Create Scaffold and Register Theme App Extension

Using Shopify CLI commands, you can create a scaffold and register a theme app extension.

  • Open a terminal window and change the directory to the root directory of your project with the help of the below command
  • Create the theme app extension and select the app to which you’ll register the extension using the following command
  • If you want to see how the theme app extension work with sample code then you can use the below command
  • Navigate to your new theme extension and register it with your app
After running the above commands, it will ask you to confirm the registration as it can’t be reverted

Step 3: Push the extension to a draft version in the Partner Dashboard

Before final publishing, you can push your app extension to a draft version for testing. Use below command

Step 4: Publish the theme app extension

Once the theme app extension is ready, you can push the extension for publishing.

  • Open your Partner Dashboard and go to Theme App extensions.
  • Then click on Create Version.
  • When the new version is displayed in the versions list, click Publish.

Final Words:

This way you can create Theme App Extension in Shopify-Laravel App. If you have any doubts, our Shopify Experts can help you in resolving the errors.

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