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In this Laravel tutorial, we will learn How to Create Custom Artisan Command in Laravel 8? Before that, let’s understand Artisan in Laravel.

What is Artisan in Laravel?

Artisan is a command line interface that is included with Laravel. Artisan provides several helpful commands that can assist you in building your application. To view all available Artisan commands, you may use the list command as follows:

This article will show how to create custom artisan commands in Laravel.

Typically commands are stored in the app/console/Commands directory.

Before starting, we need some pre-requirements listed below:

  1. New Laravel project.
  2. A secure database connection.
  3. And User model.

How to Create Custom Artisan Command in Laravel:

Step 1: First, we will create a command using artisan console or cmd. We need to use the make:command Artisan command. This command will create a new command class in the app/console/commands directory.

Step 2: After that, define the appropriate values of $signature and $description properties of the class. The handle method will be called when command is executed. You may place your command logic in this method. Let’s take a look at our checkUser command file. 

Let’s test our command in the console

The below output shows if the user exist

user exist

The below output shows if the user does not exist

user does not exist


This way, you can create any of your required custom Artisan command in Laravel 8. If you have any doubt, let me know through the comment section. Get in touch with our Laravel Experts to expand your knowledge in Laravel.

Happy Coding!

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