IT consulting: what is it, why is it good, and what are its results in various fields? We consider five real cases as an example.

Solution of problems

The NIX United platform is a new look at IT consulting. Promptly provides specialized IT consultants who will help you solve your problem within a few days. Now the platform has leading specialists from large IT companies, university employees, and company owners.

There are situations when you just need to talk to an experienced person to make a decision. For example, you need to buy server hardware for several million rubles, or you choose a CRM system for implementation in a company and want to consult with an experienced person, and not with the seller of the goods, here you can also ask for CRM consultancy.

Independent experts advise on mobile and web development, team and project management, organization and control of developers’ workflow, and connection of a specific library. They will help you improve your skills in blockchain, big data, machine learning, and other areas. This is an opportunity for both a private user and a business to quickly resolve the issue and understand in which direction to develop.

Such consultations save departments and companies days and even weeks of development and also avoid wrong management decisions. All this makes their business fast and reliable!

What is IT Consulting?

Consulting is a service provided by IT experts. Among the tasks that the examination solves include:

  • technical audit, which consists in checking the condition and operability of software tools, including the security of equipment and programs;
  • development of a strategy for optimizing the company’s costs for existing IT services;
  • Creation of platform ecosystems with the connection of various tools.

Tasks of IT Consulting

Technical advice

Developers and other technical specialists can also consult and quickly sort out the issue, improving their skills. For example:

  1. Help an Android app developer integrate the library, saving 3-4 working days with your advice.
  2. Or this case: “Notifications are not received when sending messages from Firebase via the Android console”, you will spend a lot of time and effort on solving the problem, which you can save by talking to a specialist.

Information Security

In the field of information security, NIX United applies an integrated approach to solving problems of any complexity. Starting from the implementation of protection tools to support during the operation and support phase, which in turn guarantees the high quality of the client’s tasks.

IT Infrastructure

The network infrastructure is a highly reliable system that ensures the continuity of all business processes of the company, combining IP networks, optical networks, a storage network, and a set of solutions for information security, network management, load balancing, and optimization of software applications. With the availability of top-notch IT services handled by USWired, the challenge of strategizing, monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting even the most complex infrastructure is less daunting. You don’t need to have a whole host of in-house experts who are up to speed with what needs to be done to keep your network functioning as intended. Outsourcing this frees up your in-house resources, and gives you peace of mind that if a spanner does get thrown in the works of your IT assets, support is on tap.

Should a company spend money on IT Consulting?

Conducting an IT expertise is an investment in business development. Correctly working hardware and software is a small fraction of what a well-conducted IT consulting can bring. The main task is to adjust the work of the software so that it leads to an increase in profits. Saving on the services of IT experts leads to the fact that the company at least does not develop, at the maximum – loses its position in the market. Identifying problems and optimizing software for business processes helps the business to develop; thus, IT consulting fully pays off.

Benefits of using IT Consulting

  • The presence of a highly qualified resource of employees in large volume.
  • Knowledge of decision-making techniques, project management, and process implementation.
  • Experience in projects and knowledge of industry specifics.
  • Knowledge and experience in the application of standards in the field of information technology.
  • The greater weight of decisions before management, compared with internal specialists.
  • Possession of reference models, standard processes, and documents.

Final Words

IT consulting brings a lot of benefits to the business. Your business can benefit in various ways from consultants’ broader knowledge, experience, and skills. Working with IT experts is better than doing it yourself as it saves time and money. IT consulting can provide you with resources to take your business to the next level.

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