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Confirmation of a placed order is an indispensable element of any business-customer association. It is important to send an order confirmation email to your Magento 2 store customers. This is required to let customers know the detailed information about the order they have placed. 

In this tutorial blog, I will demonstrate How you can Set up Order Confirmation Emails in Magento 2. For the technical solution of this problem do visit How to Send Order Confirmation Email After Successful Payment in Magento 2

Email is sent when a customer has placed an order on your Magento 2 website and sending this email confirms to the client about your accepted order. 

Sending an email is one of the strongest patterns to communicate with a client in a profitable and fruitful way. 

The two most advantageous ways of sending an order confirmation email to your Magento 2 store clients is 1. They get comprehensive information about their placed order, and 2. Can be a helpful source for them to communicate with your brand if in case need be.

Let’s get rolling!

Steps to Set up Order Confirmation Email in Magento 2

  • Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Sales Email in your Magento 2 backend panel.
  • Explore the Order Section from the given options.

order confirmationemail magento 2

Enabled: Set Yes to enable the option of a sales email.

New Order Confirmation Email Sender: Select the store representative to send the email that will be represented as the sender of the email.

New Order Confirmation Template: Select the template to send emails.

New Order Confirmation Template for Guest: Select the template for guest users.

Send Order Email Copy To Add your testing email ID here.

Send Order Email Copy Method: Add method to send email copy here.

  • Then, explore the Order Comments, Invoice, Shipment, and Credit Memo section and fill in all the appropriate details as per Order.
  • Click on Save Config for completing the sales email configuration process.

After completing the given above steps, you will be easily able to send emails to your customer on any particular action performed by the customers or users.

Bottom Line

I hope the above illustration to Set up an Order Confirmation Email in Magento 2 is helpful to you. Alternatively, you can easily integrate the Magento 2 Order Confirmation Email module to send order completion emails to the customers. 

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