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Welcome to MageComp SEO blog Series, Hope to get out of this lockdown soon, but we need to stay as much secure as we can. So with that today, We are going to see How to Remove Magento Store URLs From Google Search with The Complete Guide to it. Meantime, if you have missed our latest article on you can check it E-Commerce SEO Trends For 2020: What You Need to Know. So uprightly, let’s Jump In?.


Removing URLs from Magento Store is a critical task. One has to be extremely cautious and precise while removing them. There are various approaches to remove the URLs in accordance with various situations. It is important to choose the right method or else your pages might be removed from the indexes. 

If any URL is creating problems or not working properly, it needs to be removed from the index. In this blog we shall learn in brief about various methods that can be used to remove the URLs from your Magento Store.

NoIndex Meta Robots Tag

The X-Robots header response or the NoIndex Meta Robots Tag guide the search engine to delete your page. These tags also work for the pdf files as well as it must be made sure that the pages aren’t blocked on robot.txt. 

Content Deletion

In this method when you delete the page a 404 or 410 error may be shown. This means that your page shall be deleted a short while later and until then it might show up in the search results. Also after the page becomes unavailable, a cached version of the page might show up temporarily.


This method is used when you are working on multiple pages and wish to direct all of them to a single URL. The approach is basically used to get rid of duplication of content. A canonical tag, redirect or URL parameter handling can be used to fulfill this process of page removal.

Tools for URL removal

This Google tool shall hide your page temporarily and it won’t be visible to your users for the next 6 months. However, Google can still crawl your pages and thus this method must only be used in extreme cases of security issues, PII, data protection, etc. Other tools such as Bing are also available for URL removal.

Access Restriction

In case you want your page open to your users and inaccessible to the search engines, this approach is for you. Make use of some login system, HTTP authentication, or IP Whitelisting in order to complete the URL removal. This method is mainly used for internal networks or when the website is at the developmental stage.

Prioritizing Removals

In case you have multiple pages to remove go with prioritizing your process. The highest priority must be given to pages that contain confidential data about the customers, proprietary information, etc. After which the second most priority must be given to portals having internal links or employee data as well as the pages that are on the staging level. The least priority must be given multiple URLs or pages that can create the duplication of content.


  • If another site is using your content you can get the URL removed by filing a claim on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or use Google’s Copyright removal tool.
  • If another site posts content about you, get the URL removed via the EU Privacy Removal Form.
  • The simplest way of removing the images is to disallow the crawl of images instead of using robots.txt which is unofficial.


Removing URLs can be carried out in different ways in accordance with your needs. It might seem complicated but if done slowly and with concentration, it can give you the required results. 

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To get any help with the URL removal, feel free to contact us! For any queries regarding the whole build-up, feel free to contact us!. If you have anything to add-on or any question, then feel free to contact our Support Team. Hopefully, this article has helped you to develop your knowledge. If so, then don’t neglect to share it with your Magento groups. Also, we are welcoming your reviews regarding this in the comment section below. Stay indoors, stay safe!

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