As a Shopify admin, improving your product pages is crucial in increasing your chances of converting visitors into customers. As visuals play a significant role in a shopper’s decision-making process, it’s important to consider optimizing your product pages and utilizing additional tools to enhance how your products are presented (images and videos).

In this AR/VR era, leveraging 3D and AR product images can be your Shopify store’s greatest help you can even think of. AR technology provides your customers with the plus point of exploring your product image from every possible angle, giving an in-store shopping-like feeling even when shopping online.

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Top 5 Best Shopify 3D Product Image Apps in 2023

Pros of Using 3D Product Images on Shopify Store

For eCommerce retailers, 3D Shopify product photography has become increasingly critical as consumers increasingly rely on visual information for online purchases. Below are the advantages of using 3D product photography for Shopify stores:

1. Increases Brand Impression

The use of 3D product images on website pages is the new trend in the eCommerce market. Incorporating 3D product images on your Shopify helps it make a memorable website interaction for your customers. Even traditional brick-and-mortar stores are shifting their 2D product images to 3D product images to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping experiences.

2. Gives your Products an Attractive Appearance

When shopping online, customers prefer to see products in 3D to get a better understanding of the item before making a purchase. This allows customers to view the product from various angles, in different colors, and various use cases. Vendors who offer 3D product views within their workflow are preferred by customers when making a purchase.

3. Improves Conversion Rates

Research shows that using a 360-degree viewer to display your products can boost your conversion rate by up to 13%. This is particularly significant for jewelry and watch stores. To further enhance your conversion rates, consider offering 3D visualization with customizable product views to meet your customers’ preferences.

4. Provides a Realistic Feel

One of the most significant advantages of using 3D turntable photography is that it allows customers to experience your product more tangibly. Compared to traditional photography, it provides greater quality and realism. By incorporating a 360-degree spin on the product, 3D turntable photography takes online shopping to a whole new level. Fortunately, it is easy to implement this technology seamlessly.

Best 3D Shopify Product Images Apps

1. Spin Studio

The Spin Studio – 360 Product Spin is a Shopify app that enables you to showcase your products innovatively and appealingly. With this tool, you can display your products in 360-degree rotating photos, allowing your customers to view them from any angle.

Top 5 Best Shopify 3D Product Image Apps in 2023

Moreover, you have complete control over the image details, enabling you to customize the appearance of your products and how they are presented to your clients. Additionally, the app supports product animation for your storefront, which can be an advantage in attracting visitors. You can also change the app’s design to match your store’s theme or style.










Spinning image of only one product

Spinning images for max. 10 products

Spinning images for max. 25 products

Spinning images for max. 100 products

Rating: Best 10 Shopify Affiliate Apps for 2023 (4.8 / 5)

2. Spiff

Providing your customers with 360-degree product images benefits your Shopify store with numerous matters like low cart abandonment rates, increased conversion rates, improved brand impression, and many more. With the development of the Spiff 3D Product Customization Shopify app, customers can easily have a real product-like feel from any electronic device.

Top 5 Best Shopify 3D Product Image Apps in 2023

Spiff enables real-time customization of 3D product renders, making it easy for customers to visualize personalized products. The app also includes augmented reality features for a more immersive experience.


Basic Plan – $99/month

  • Access to unlimited designs
  • Spinning images of almost 25 products
  • 2 users and other add-ons can operate it.

Ratings: Best 10 Shopify Affiliate Apps for 2023 (4.9 / 5)

3. Angle 3D Configurator

The Angle 3D Configurator is an app available on Shopify that lets you customize and showcase your products using 3D and AR technology. It works with both Online Store 2.0 and older themes.

Top 5 Best Shopify 3D Product Image Apps in 2023

With this app, you can create a fully interactive 3D product customization experience for your customers, allowing them to personalize your products with photorealistic details. All you need to begin is a 3D model of your product. If you contact us, we’ll provide you with a 3D model and help you get started quickly and easily.


Basic Plan

Premium Plan

Professional Plan

Enterprise Plan





10 product images and textures

40 product images and textures

100 product images and textures

500 product images and textures

Rating: Best 10 Shopify Affiliate Apps for 2023 (5 / 5)

4. Zakeke

Zakeke is the all-in-one app for Shopify stores that offers 2D, 3D, and AR product visualization. With their visual customizer and product configurator, customers can design unique products and view them in 3D and AR.

Top 5 Best Shopify 3D Product Image Apps in 2023

They also offer virtual try-on, web-to-print automation, made-to-order 3D configuration, and live quoting. Zakeke has everything you need to enhance your Shopify store and boost sales.








25 published product images

50 published product images

200 published product images

Ratings: Best 10 Shopify Affiliate Apps for 2023(4.6 / 5)

5. LEVAR 3D & AR Platform

The Shopify app, LEVAR 3D & AR Platform, allows you to customize your ordinary Shopify product images into attractive 3D images that enrich your customers’ shopping experience and increase your Shopify store sales.

Top 5 Best Shopify 3D Product Image Apps in 2023

With LEVAR, customers can experience your products in their own space and from every angle, thanks to Levar’s exact-to-scale models. By using LEVAR, you can increase your sales, reduce returns, and enhance customer engagement. Share your models on product pages, emails, SMS, social media, and landing pages to reach even more potential customers.










20 product models

40 product models

100 product models

Unlimited product models

Ratings:Best 10 Shopify Affiliate Apps for 2023 (4.5 / 5)

Choose Your Best Shopify App

The AR technology is still a niche but fruitful trend every Shopify store should think about. These were the best Shopify AR apps that you can easily try out for your Shopify app.

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