Businesses planning to go online highly prefer Shopify as their website launching platform. Shopify’s business-friendly tools and features are winning over the hearts of every Shopify admin. The increasing popularity of Shopify has boosted the demand for Shopify-certified experts. If you have aspired to become a Shopify expert, this blog is for you, as you will get every fundamental information needed to become a Shopify expert.

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Before digging deep, you must note that no Shopify expert has ever cracked the code to a successful and profitable Shopify store. A Shopify expert can only use their knowledge and expertise in advising and providing eCommerce solutions that meet Shopify businesses’ unique needs.

Who is a Shopify Expert?

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that offers its products and services to people who own online stores. These users frequently need web design, web development, writing, marketing, and business development assistance.

To meet this need, Shopify has developed a marketplace called Shopify Experts, where agencies, freelancers, digital marketers, and developers can advertise their services and connect with Shopify store owners.

How to become a Shopify Expert

The Shopify Experts marketplace operates with the Shopify Partner program, which serves as the platform’s community and site management system. Access to development stores is unlimited for Shopify Partners, and they often utilize this feature when offering their services on Shopify Experts to clients.

What is The Difference Between Shopify Expert and Shopify Partner?

Shopify Expert Shopify Partner
The marketplace provides Shopify merchants with a list of Shopify Partners to hire. It is a business platform that creates and manages stores of Shopify clients.
It is only accessible to  Shopify partners or those with enough experience. Accessible to everyone planning to create and manage Shopify clients’ websites.
Provides a customizable listing page that includes pricing, portfolio items, and services. Provides a system that allows you to create and manage unlimited Shopify stores, develop apps, and become an affiliate.
Linked with a large community of Shopify admins searching to hire experts. Provides a platform where partners can connect, learn and connect with other partners.

Benefits of Becoming A Shopify Expert

Becoming a Shopify Expert offers numerous benefits, such as increased exposure and networking opportunities for your business. The Shopify Partner program is a great choice for those looking to establish a business.

However, the real advantage lies in being listed on the Shopify Experts marketplace, which provides direct access to millions of Shopify merchants who frequently require assistance with their website development and content creation. Here are some key advantages of becoming a Shopify Expert.

1. Improved brand image

What can be much better than being certified as a Shopify expert and listed in the Shopify Experts marketplace? Shopify admins are aware of the experts’ marketplace and the fact that the marketplace houses an exclusive list of agencies, freelancers, developers, designers and digital marketers, so when they see your name/agency name on the list, it automatically places an impression on their mind.

2. Access to a huge Shopify user base

Becoming a Shopify Expert can expose your brand to over 2 million daily active users and 5 million active Shopify websites. It’s a vast customer marketplace where many merchants seek assistance with their stores and often contact you directly. This means free marketing for your brand.

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3. Access to smooth interaction

While it’s not mandatory, most communication occurs through the Shopify platform. It is user-friendly and easy for both Shopify store owners and Experts. However, if you prefer, you have the option to transfer your conversations outside of Shopify. This provides flexibility in your relationships while ensuring security and dependability, as Shopify moderates a significant portion of the communication.

4. Benefits of working with other Shopify Experts

There might come some projects that are not a one-person job, and you might need a helping hand for the job. Shopify experts marketplace allows you to connect and collaborate with other experts, promote each other’s work and ultimately expand your network.

How to Become a Shopify Expert?

1. Enroll in Shopify Partners Program

The first step to becoming a Shopify Expert is joining the prestigious Shopify Partners program. Fill out the Shopify Partners form with the necessary information:

  • Your business name
  • Primary business email ID
  • Site link
  • Physical address
  • Reason for profit
  • eCommerce platforms worked with before
  • Enroll in the program

Anyone can apply to become a Shopify Partner, even if you only enroll for testing purposes.  Once enrolled, a dashboard will appear on your screen, allowing you to create or manage client websites.

2. Managing at least 5 Shopify stores

Managing at least 5 Shopify stores is an essential criterion every Shopify Partner must fulfill to become a Shopify Expert. This covers the entire journey of a website, i.e., from its development stage to being managed and finally transferring the ownership to the Shopify admin again.

To be recognized as a Shopify Expert, individuals not involved in development must join the Partners program and manage at least five Shopify stores. This does not only include developmental work but can also involve writing, photography, and other services. The crucial aspect is to ensure consistent and effective management, which is required for Shopify Experts’ evaluation.

3. Create a strong portfolio of your previous work

Having a well-documented track record of previous achievements is important, as it will help you become a reputable expert in the Shopify Experts marketplace. Although the platform offers a space to showcase experience, portfolio items, rates, and location, a preliminary listing is unavailable until acceptance into the Experts marketplace.

We suggest building a customized website using WordPress, Wix, or Weebly platforms. This will allow you to display your portfolio and effectively highlight your experience with Shopify. The portfolio should include a gallery of past projects, contact details, and project descriptions to showcase capabilities and expertise.

4. Access Request

Shopify reaches out to reputable partners to join the Shopify Experts marketplace, demonstrating a commitment to monitoring and improving their community of experts.

Instead of waiting for an email from Shopify, freelancers and contractors can proactively request a listing on the Shopify Experts marketplace by contacting Shopify. This can be done by sending a message to the Shopify Partners support team.

5. Building your profile

After being admitted to the marketplace, your Shopify Partners dashboard will show you several new tabs. Your first task is to fill out your profile with relevant information, including your services, contact details, and pricing. To do this, go to Services > Profile.

It’s important to note that you can only access the Services tab if you have been granted entry into the Shopify Experts marketplace. However, Shopify offers a detailed guide to help you set up your Experts Marketplace profile to showcase your offerings effectively and hassle-free.

Become a Shopify Expert

The consistent expansion of Shopify has opened gates to numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and merchants who wish to expand their freelancing business by providing Shopify development services. As a certified Shopify Expert, you can access various benefits, including resourceful tools, exceptional Shopify features, competitive rates, and more.

If you are already on the hunt for a Shopify partner to work with, look no further because you are in the right place. Contact us through our website or find us on our official Facebook page to achieve the best Shopify results provided by our Shopify experts.

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