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In this tutorial blog, we have compiled the 5 Best Practices For Optimizing Mobile eCommerce Funnel. 

As per a study by Outerboxdesign, out of all the smartphone users, 79% of them have bought online using their mobile device in the last 6 months. As more and more customers have started using smartphones while shopping online, the need for Optimizing Mobile eCommerce Funnel has become quite significant. Mainly, the features that directly drive the user to purchase straightaway have become the significant factor here so do not miss your window and 

Let’s dive right into the 5 Best Practices For Optimizing Mobile eCommerce Funnel.

5 Best Practices For Optimizing Mobile eCommerce Funnel

#1 Lower Stages of Funnel Shopping Require to Optimize Mobile Conversion too

It has been found that merchants at the lower stages of the E-commerce funnel lack in including the actions like add to cart, pre checkout, shipping, and payment options at the Window shopper, shopper, and buyer stage. In order to lift up the profits, aiming attention at these lower funnel stages is substantial.

#2 Cart Rate and RPV can be Increased with the help of Floating Add-to-Cart Buttons

An add-to-cart button which is static is difficult to see on mobile app. So creating a floating add-to-cart button substantially increases the revenue per visitor (RPV) and Cart Rate. The main agenda of the floating add-to-cart button is to continuously remind the customer of the products they have added to the cart and follow through with their purchases.

#3 Increase RPV by Displaying Cart Total in the Header

Showing the intel total cart in the header is pretty common and many a time it doesn’t even catch the user’s attention when the total cart is displayed in dollars, it would not be a surprise to the users when navigating to the checkout page. If any products are added to the cart or even only one product, the total is displayed in dollars below the cart button on the navigation bar or the header. This will eventually enhance the revenue per visitor and the conversion rates of your business.

#4 Keep Shoppers Focused by hiding Chat in Checkout and Cart.

The purchasers will get distracted when they will see the chat option at the checkout page which will eventually be a revenue loss for your sales. So, to ensure a proper checkout process for the buyers, hide the chat option while the user is checking out and on the cart page. By doing this, you can enhance your RPV to 15.22% while the user purchases from a mobile device. As said by Alexander K., mobile device has smaller screens, so making little changes also will have a huge impact.

#5 Streamline Checkout Process by Auto-Selecting a Shipping Method

Selecting a shipping method every time becomes boring to the customers. If you are providing various shipping options to your customers. This will make the checkout process quicker and will ultimately enhance your sales rate. Nevertheless, if the purchaser wants to make any changes himself, he can change it at the checkout. The revenue per visitor is said to elevate 2.08% by auto-selecting the shipping method


Optimizing Mobile E-commerce Funnel is important in order to enhance your rate of conversion and make more sales, and produce more revenue. This blog contains ways to optimize your mobile E-commerce funnel and do better in your E-commerce. 

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