Hello Readers, in this blog- we have covered Best Marketing Tools for Ecommerce Brands, which can help you to stand out from competitors. To enhance your marketing strategy and make it better than the previous year, you should turn to market tools. It would be a shame not to get the most out of the technological advances that the digital world has to offer. So, here are some of the best e-commerce marketing tools that can improve your business.

E-commerce owners know best how competitive the market is. You need to constantly work on improvements and upgrades if you want your e-commerce business to stand a chance. For that reason, you’ll need a great marketing strategy in the upcoming year.

Analytical Tools

If you want to improve your marketing efforts, you first need to know where you stand. You don’t want to be changing what’s good or keeping what’s bad. This is why you’ll need an analysis tool that will measure last year’s results and give you an insight into what should be your next step. Use the analytical tools all year long for timely reports that will help you make changes accordingly.

1. Google Analytics

One of the most popular tools that you must get your hands on. It is completely free of charge, which makes it even more attractive. Use it to track traffic, identify problems that lead to cart abandonment, where the customers spend the most time, the point where the bounce rate is high, and similar. The tool is easy to use and there are lots of tutorials about it if you have any questions about its functions.

2. Matomo

Matomo Analytics is an open-source web analytics platform that will give you all the information you need about customers’ behavior. They take privacy very seriously, so you won’t have to worry about that. You can easily transfer data between hosting options at any time. What makes them different from Google Analytics is that it reports a certain percentage of data (there is a limit for website traffic) while Matomo provides you with 100% accurate data.

Tools for Creating High-Quality Content

With BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) on its side, Google has raised the bar when it comes to high-quality content. BERT aims to understand users’ searches better and provide them with corresponding content. This means that the search engine’s spotlight goes straight to content. To create impeccable content, consider the following tools.

3. TrustMyPaper

Having someone put together a mediocre product description or a website’s landing page won’t work anymore. You need professional writers who know how to approach customers and create copy that will sell. Besides TrustMyPaper, you can also check out  GrabMyEssay, Studicus, and WritingJudge, which will help you pick out the service that suits you best with their unbiased reviews of writing services.

4. Grammarly

Even the best writers and content creators need some editing and proofreading before they can say that the content is complete. For this purpose, you can use Grammarly. Besides signaling the mistakes and errors and providing you with a solution, it also shows the content’s readability score. Use this tool for any content from social media posts to product descriptions, because it all needs some good old proofreading.

Tools for Creating Attractive Visuals

Every e-commerce brand that wants to succeed needs to be creative and original when it comes to visuals. Images you post can either instantly win over the customer or make them run for the hills. That is why you should turn to these tools.

5. MovableInk

This platform provides you with a place where you can create compelling visuals that will personalize the users’ experience. Every written content reaches its full potential when visuals accompany it. MoveableInk lets you make unique visuals based on data which is what makes them so impactful.

6. Adobe Spark

High-quality graphics are just as important as high-quality written content. Therefore, use Adobe Spark to edit all your product photos, social media images, or any other type of visuals that you want. In addition to editing images, you can also edit videos within this tool. So, if you plan to upload any tutorial videos or a video that promotes a new sale, first run it through Adobe Spark.

Communication Tools

Good communication among team members is the very basis of every marketing project. No matter whether you are currently cooperating with a social media expert or graphic designer, you need the communication to be fast and smooth and these tools will make it happen.

7. Slack

Slack is a very handy platform that also comes in the form of an app. The app part is extremely useful because you’ll get notifications of any activity on your phone. Within Slack, you can organize your conversations, prioritize them, and share documents, visuals, or files. Voice and video call option also makes it easy for you to connect with your team members in no time.

8. Monday

While the name of this tool may not have the happiest connotation for working people, when you realize how useful it is, Mondays will no longer be such troublesome days. On Monday, you can communicate with your team, track different marketing projects, and collaborate on different tasks. Since marketing for e-commerce spreads across different channels, this is a great way to keep track of all current missions.

Automation Tools 

Straightaway connects with your consumers with the help of the messaging apps by utilizing MobileMonkey. It also offers a multi-platform chat builder and unified chat inbox for quick communications with the customers.

Email Marketing Tools

We simply can’t talk about marketing without mentioning email. As one of the essential channels for marketing campaigns, email is a must for every e-commerce business. To further work on your email campaign, grow your email list, and increase conversions, check out these tools.

9. Mailmodo

Fed up with intricate email marketing platforms? Introducing Mailmodo – your go-to solution for streamlining email campaigns! Its user-friendly visual builder and drag-and-drop workflows make crafting captivating emails a breeze, no coding skills are needed! But here’s the kicker: Mailmodo’s AMP technology lets you integrate interactive elements directly into emails, elevating engagement. Bid farewell to dull, static emails and embrace dynamic, immersive experiences that captivate your audience throughout! Plus, with Mailmodo’s bulk email feature, reach out to your entire audience effortlessly.

10. CampaignMonitor

Do you want to simplify the running of an email campaign? If you do, CampaignMonitor is your guy. The drag-and-drop interface makes it so easy to design aesthetically pleasing and engaging emails that your customers will love. Create personalized emails that will humanize your brand and drive more revenue. CampaignMonitor even collects data about customers that can be used for creating hyper-targeted segments of the email.

11. GetResponse

There is no time to lose on repetitive tasks when you need to invest energy in creative tasks that machines can’t do. Automate follow-up emails, trigger emails after abandoned carts or purchases, group subscribers for highly-targeted emails, and do so much more with GetResponse email marketing software. You’ll see how your email marketing campaign can be timelier and more efficient with the help of this tool.

12. Plann

Plann is a powerful social media management tool and an all-in-one auto-scheduler, social strategist, designer, and content calendar that allows individuals and businesses to streamline their social media presence across various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With features such as a drag-and-drop content planner, an image editor, hashtag research tools, analytics tracking, and competitor analysis, Plann offers a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing social media content. Its user-friendly interface and flexible pricing plans make it a popular choice for social media managers, marketers, and influencers who want to save time, boost engagement, and drive results.

Over to You!

2020 Takes Marketing Seriously, this year can be the beginning of marketing efforts that are yet unseen within your e-commerce. How the time passes, marketing is becoming more competitive so you need to give your best if you want to stand out. With these tools, you’ll cover the most valuable aspects of marketing and set your store for success.

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