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Welcome to Magento News by MageComp where you will get a detailed explanation of all the latest news about Magento. Do visit the previously published news article on Adobe Summit 2020: Recap & Major Highlights on Magento. And today I am here to elaborate on the latest announcement by Adobe which is about Introducing AI-Powered Product Recommendations for Magento Commerce.

Well as we know the world is fighting against COVID-19 where staying home is the best step to safeguard yourself. In this situation, everyone’s mind is switched towards Ecommerce, and the only option which is better for all is purchasing online. Well due to this reason the Adobe Analytics Data is displaying significant traffic towards the Magento Commerce websites which is almost near to the traffic which is recorded during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hence when there is this much growth towards the Ecommerce business all the merchants are willing to ensure their services to be continued without any issues. 

Introduction of AI-Powered Product Recommendations:

Adobe made an announcement on April 14, 2020, about the introduction to Product Recommendations for Magento Commerce powered by Adobe Sensei. The AI and machine learning technology is now available globally for all the Magento Commerce merchants. Now the merchants are more capable by integrating this technology with the product recommendation in store which will help their customers thoroughly to choose appropriate products in their overall shopping expedition. There were many issues faced by merchants for product recommendation features which were very difficult to manage due to the low budget and fewer team members. But with the launch of product recommendations, merchants will be more capable of delivering the best services to their customers effortlessly.

The merchants have positively stated about the early access program for the product recommendation which was executed lately in the month of October. 

Benefits of Magento’s AI Product recommendations:

  • Auto-Distributed Page Tagging and Catalog Sync: Mainly the store is right away tagged without performing the coding activities. Here the surety is taken for deploying it perfectly which is the first concern of all the merchants. During the integration, the product catalog is directly synced to a dedicated cloud service so that there is load in their servers.

  • AI-Driven Retail Experience: The shopping user’s behavior is automatically identified with the help of all the machine learning algorithms and the analysis of this data results the accurate product recommendations for the customers.


  • Nine Different Types of Recommendation: There is mainly selection of Recommendation types which is applicable to the whole storefront and it includes Viewed-Viewed, More Like This, Recommended For You, Most Purchased, Viewed-Bought and Trending.

Product Recommendations you may like based


  • Embedded Merchant Experience: The product recommendation makes merchants capable of managing the feature directly from the admin side which helps in increasing revenue and boosts up the sales. The charts of impressions, views, clicks, revenue will be more helpful here.

Product Recommendations in magento 2 backend

  • Streamlined User Workflow: The straight-forward workflow gives a simple way to create product recommendations which is easy and step by step manner. After the product recommendation feature is enabled, merchants can easily start recommending products to the customers.

Pricing & Availability

There is a piece of good news about the pricing because it is absolutely FREE and available for Magento Commerce merchants and for that visit to Magento Marketplace. This feature is compatible with Magento Commerce 2.3 and above. Easily configure it in your Magento Store and enhance your store.

Final Words:

Hence this was it in the announcement by Adobe which is about Introducing AI-Powered Product Recommendations for Magento Commerce.  And for any kind of help required then feel free to contact our Support Team also don’t forget to check our Magento 2 Extension to enhance your Magento store performance, I hope the above information helps you and also share with your Magento friends and help them. And kindly comment down your reviews in the comment section below.

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