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Get all the latest news and updates of Magento 2020 here. And here I am with all the Adobe Summit news and key highlights you need to know if you are a Magento Developer, customer, marketer or an Entrepreneur. Adobe Summit 2020 held on 31 March and was online due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Adobe Summit 2020 was held on 31st March at 8:30 A.M PDT and president, chairman and CEO of Adobe Mr. Shantanu Narayen made a warm welcome to all the viewers who joined in the online summit. Adobe Summit is an overall facts of the interesting ideas and the Innovations performed in Magento Field. Get through all the news and highlights in the article below.   

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Highlights of Adobe Summit 2020: 

Adobe 2020 Digital Economy Index

In this digital world where everything is transforming digitally, Adobe made a noteworthy decision and introduced the world Digital Economy Index, due to the increase of working customers and businesses in the digital environment only. Now, including the users, customers and businesses will know the real-time evaluation of the global digital economy. With the help of this deep index analysis of Adobe data, it brings forward to you the most powerful and improved insights which mainly help everyone in changing the global digital commerce trends.

– More than 1 trillion transactions processed.

– More than 100 million unique product sales analyzed.

– 80 of the top 100 U.S. online retailers evaluated.

The Digital Economy Index mainly measures what actually the users are shopping in this online world, all over the U.S and in most of the global economies. Being a part of that analysis, the Digital Economy Index views the increase in dollar by 20% in the last 6 Years. View More

Digital purchasing power since 2014


Digital Purchase Power graph


IT becoming one of the most customers has driven fields, Adobe has launched CXM Customer Experience Management Playbook in which there is an appreciable plan for transforming your business digitally. With a change in the digital world transforming yourself digitally is now most important. The full explanation and key points were discussed in the Adobe Summit and launched the CXM Customer Experience Management playbook which has a streamlined process of building a business where you will get  

Personalized CXM guidance

Get most relevant and streamilned recommendations for your business needs.

Strategy for your whole organization

Builds a CXM plan that is capable for all in your business which is most beneficial for your business. 

A partnership for success

Make your playbook and put it into action and get Adobe’s customer experience and expertise.

Explore Adobe Experience Cloud 

Adobe Experience Cloud offers to fulfill all the business needs to provide their customers with the best experience. This includes all the given below points.

Insights and audiences

Experience Cloud gives only the real-time customer profile which is included from all your data. By providing the best analytics and audience profiling tools which will equally help you in searching and getting better insights.

Content and journeys

Creative content is always elegant content. Experience Cloud offers the best creative tools that include smart workflows which help you to create your improvised content for all the types of audiences.

Channels and engagement

Adaption of real-time customer behaviors by providing the leading marketing automation tools that help you to enhance your omnichannel experience.

Commerce and conversion

Experience Cloud is capable of providing the effortless customer experience from the beginning till the end of the purchase of your customer.

The future of personalization with Adobe

For the future of personalization Join Adobe experts in which there is a deep insight of Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Platform which are equally involved in improving the business experiences. Click Here

Larson-Juhl modernized their business with Magento Commerce

Get maximum knowledge and learn about the noteworthy decisions of Larson-Juhl for improving and transforming their customer experience. Click Here

Top innovations in Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Get to know all the trends and transforming digital experiences with the help of all the innovations and experience. Click Here

Improve performance with advertising, data, and audiences

Learn to use Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Advertising Cloud to improve the performance of your business. Click Here

Going Headless with Magento Commerce

In the development of the digital era, consumers are equally developing themselves by purchasing online and the current Ecommerce is not capable of providing a better shopping experience to the customers. So here is how Adobe and Magento Commerce build enhanced commerce where with the help of state-of-the-art GraphQL API it provides improved and best customer experience across the globe. Click Here

Page Builder and PWA Studio increasing customers’ experience.

In this time, where there is an immense growth in competitors the retailers are facing trouble in connecting with the customers and are losing the opportunities of converting the visitors to the valuable customers. Therefore, Magento Page Builder and PWA Studio jointly help to boost a retailers ability to provide engaging, appropriate and new content for the improvement of shoppers experience. Click Here

Explore all Summit breakouts

Check out the keynotes, future innovations, and key announcements here.

Final Words

Therefore, the Adobe Summit 2020 was the first fully digital Adobe event which was enthusiastically joined by all the Magento people from all around the globe. I hope this will help you in getting rich knowledge about the whole summit. Wishing for a better and safe future for everyone by making out most from the innovations and solutions provided by Adobe. 

Do comment down your reviews regarding the major updates by Adobe and don’t forget to share with your Magento Buddies. Till then Stay Home Stay Safe.

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