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Since the outburst of the global pandemic COVID-19, every other individual and organization have been doing their level best to serve the community in one way or the other. Information and Announcements are the key source that the common public relies on in these tough times to be well-equipped with the surroundings.

Considering this in mind, Google has introduced one of its most efficient features, ‘Special Announcement’. Any site can add this feature to their web pages or add it up to the Search Consoles. Google shall first throw up the information from the health and government agencies on its search portal, thereby giving important notices on school closures, company and travel restrictions, lockdown directives, health-care center maps, etc.

As and how more industries and companies shall add their markups to their search engine, Google will look more into expanding this feature.

With lockdowns, Ecommerce Businessmen are facing a harsh reality, considering that the government has enforced quarantine and restricted stepping out from home. With Ecommerce, on the other hand, shipping and supply challenges are persisting like anything. Developers and Ecommerce people are going through a lot. Hence, at this time let google supportively help you to go through this.

Alongside this, there might be good effects as Google has always been in favor of the Ecommerce and Online Businesses. Google has come up with some exciting announcements that can lift Ecommerce Businesses so well.

Highlight COVID-19-related announcements in Search for Magento Store:

Along with the regular snippet description, the structured data that is added to the Special Announcement appears as a content to the COVID-19 announcement rich result and this result can be viewed along with a summary that can be further expanded. These results are changeable over time and you may not see them right away in Google Search.

How to highlight COVID-19-related announcements in Search for Magento Store

How to Implementation of The COVID-19 Announcements for Google Search:

Google allows you two ways of implementing the COVID-19 announcements with search result.

  • The foremost and the recommended method is to add the structured data Special Announcements to the web pages which is in the standardized form for providing page information and classifying the page content. This method makes it easier to catalog information for the Search Engine as well as allows you to make timely updates. Moreover, it helps in reporting through Search Console Tool in the future.

To get going with the recommended way of COVID-19 announcement implementation, Visit Here

  • Secondly, the alternative way given by Google is in the case when you do not have access to your site’s HTML or if the recommended method is way too long for you to proceed with. Thus, you can submit your announcements in the Search Console which is meant to be for a short- term and will expire within a month of posting them. This method asks you to update the announcements time and again all by yourself as well as have no options for reporting through the Search Consoles in the future. Due to these drawbacks, the alternative method becomes less preferable. Also, you need to be first registered with the Search Console to adopt this way of publishing.

submit structured to COVID-19 data in Search for Magento Store

To get started with the alternative method of publishing your announcement, Visit Here

Google Search Extended Resources for COVID-19:

You can visit the Google online portals to extract information for other highlighting activities other than COVID-19 announcements:

Google has come up with the best initiative to help businesses, especially Ecommerce to give a boost? to their trade by introducing the Special Announcement features. All the industrialists and corporate entities should commence this today in order to be a step closer to their customers.

Final Words:

Hoping the above-listed information is more than enough to help you and if the article sounds interesting then do share with your business friends and help them to make out most during this pandemic situation. Suggestions are really appreciated therefore do comment down your reviews in the comment section below. Look at MageComp Contribution for Magento Stores in Corona(COVID-19) Pandemic and for any help required do contact our Support Team they will guide you.

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