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Why are Size Charts necessary for your Shopify Store?

Let’s first dig into the fast facts on why the returns majorly happen in an E-commerce website store? The main reason is that the customer gets discontentment in the size of their garments. Thus, the high number of return rates drives to foregone income which directly concludes to the difficulties faced in size by the customer. 

If we have a look at the stats on returns, out of all the products ordered online, 30% of them are returned by the customers. Whereas the brick-and-mortar stores see a return on products as low as 8.89%.

The difficulty is that there is a lack of decency in the size chart in the online E-commerce websites. So, it drives to size fitting concerns. 65% of the online returns are due to poor clothes fitting. So, if you have any product that demands the customers to provide their size before making a purchase, adding a custom size chart to your product page is a good option. It will eventually help you upsell, build up the customers’ faith in your site, and also, the number of returns on orders declines.  Check out the latest Shopify editions with 100+ new products and updates.

Steps to Add Size Chart in Shopify

Step 1: Log in

  • Firstly, Log in to the admin panel of your Shopify website.

Step 2: Add Page

  • Navigate to the Online Store option and then to the Pages option.
  • Then, click on the Add Page option to create a new page.

add new page to shopify store

Step 3: Details of page

  • Add the page title as Size Chart.

Step 4: Content

  • There are many online size chart generator options available online, you can just type on google and find the all details – We have picked details from sizecharter.com here.
  • Next, make a table in the content box regarding the size chart information and ask for all the details that you need your customers to provide. Customization on this table is also available for you.

size chart

Step 5: Visibility

  • Ensure setting the page to visible in the visibility part.
  • After having this finished, do not forget to click on the save option.

Now, linking size charts to any page of your website becomes an easy solution.


Hence, in the above steps, we have demonstrated How to Add a Size Chart In Shopify. Hire Shopify Developer from MageComp for the simple and flexible development of your website. Do share the article with your Shopify friends and stay connected with us for more such Shopify tutorials.

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