Shopify Editions | Summer’22 is out on 22 June, 2022.

Breaking news for Shopify developers and merchants. The latest Shopify Editions bring in a wide range of products and updates.

Shopify releases new updates twice a year and the Summer’22 release focuses on “Connect To Consumer” or C2C.

Let’s dive deeper to know what the new Shopify release has to offer.

Advanced Methods to Create Modern Shopify Apps 

Built for Shopify

Built for Shopify App program will let new know the guidelines for App design and new standards to create the best commerce apps worldwide. Apps that meet these guidelines are qualified to be featured on platforms like Shopify Admin and App Store. This is favorable for both Shopify merchants and Shopify developers. Developer’s Apps get more visibility and merchants gain the advantage of the best commerce Shopify Apps.

Shopify Functions

Previously the Shopify functions were available to Shopify Plus stores only but now everyone can access it through Shopify App Store. Shopify functions help to provide flexibility and promote flash sales. With this release, they have included Functions for discount, shipping, and payment methods. They are planning to even roll out more Functions on order and checkout in future releases. Merchants now have no need to edit any code with the introduction of Shopify Functions.

Checkout Extensibility

Merchants can now customize the checkout using apps and branding tools. Checkout Extensibility is designed to be secure, fast, and upgrade-safe. The Checkout UI Extensions and Shopify Functions to add new functionality, Checkout Branding API to customize styling, and Pixels to track events. The Checkout Extensibility is available for Shopify Plus merchants.

Pre-orders and More

New capabilities have been added to the Selling Plans to support pre-orders, try before you buy, and subscriptions. Pre-orders help merchants to manage inventory according to the demand, increase sales by reserving customers in advance and promote new products. 

B2B on Shopify

B2B on Shopify includes a new set of B2B APIs which allows connecting with wholesale customers in a better way. Set wholesale pricing, net terms, and company profile with B2B functionality. Take full advantage of Shopify with customizable features and offer a personalized buying experience to wholesale customers.


This feature is exclusively available for Shopify Plus, merchants can craft their own stories to answer important business questions. Gain more commerce insight without relying on a data scientist to know the business inside and out. ShopifyQL Notebooks allows access to a query language to write your own data story to discover more business opportunities.


Your Shopify clients can now segment customers using Shopify’s customer database through the GraphQL API. Merchants can use data passed through the app and segment customers on the basis of behavior, location, or marketing preferences for better engagement of customers. 

Return APIs

Return APIs are available for early access beta. It will help merchants to manage returns more efficiently. With Return APIs, merchants can get better visibility on return data across platforms.

Enhanced Dev Tools

Developer Experience

Now Shopify developers can build apps faster and more efficiently. The writing and distribution process of Apps have been simplified. Introduced “Getting started” templates and sample apps to allow developers to build Shopify Apps faster.

Embedded App Improvements

Improvements have been made so that Apps look, feel and perform like they are actually a part of Shopify. With the App Bridge, apps load two times faster on mobile devices than before. Apps can take advantage of full-screen mode in the admin and display advanced functionality without opening a new tab.

Data Protection

Now take control over which apps access customers’ personal data. Control enhancement to support compliance with privacy and data protection rules. APIs will redact customer personal data by default and allow you to apply for necessary access to customer personal data throughout the life of your app.

Build Higher Level Storefront

Hydrogen + Oxygen

With the help of a React-based framework built by Shopify, merchants can build fast and headless storefronts. Hydrogen provides pre-built components and starter templates to accelerate the development process. Hydrogen sites can be deployed with one click using Oxygen. 

Liquid for Themes

Get started with themes quickly with new Liquid preferences. Object properties, type information, syntax highlighting, and interactive code blocks help you quickly prototype your use case directly in our docs.

Official Announcements

Concluding Words:

Shopify Editions are available now to better navigate, manage and deploy apps across Shopify. Build better relationships with your customers by heading over to the latest Shopify Editions release. Shopify Editions has the right tool to help merchants provide a personalized shopping experience to customers and keep them returning back.

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