Multiple URL Opener


Definition of Multiple URL Opener

Multiple URL Opener, also known as Bulk URL Opener, is a tool that enables an individual to open more than one URL altogether. This tool is a boon for individuals who frequently visit multiple websites simultaneously. The use of this tool eliminates the work of opening several websites manually.

    Multiple URL Opener tool is best for

    1. SEO Professionals

      SEO professionals are always busy with the competitors' analysis of their clients. They need to compare the content rankings of the client to review the progress for which they have to visit multiple websites simultaneously.

    2. Content Creators

      Whether it is a professional content writer or a college student, they have to refer to dozens of websites for their content reference. Though the content cannot be created in a day, it might take a couple of days, and opening each referred URL once again, one by one, can be very tiresome. With the Multiple URL tool, content creators can open their referred URLS quickly and resume their work.

    3. Data Researchers

      Data researchers and data mining experts are self-explanatory. They have to collect tons of data from so many different websites in one go. The bulk URL opener tool is the best-helping hand in their data researching process.

    4. Link Building Teams

      Link-building teams already have a list of URLs that are needed to be targeted for pulling traffic to their client’s website. Redirecting one URL at a time from the list can consume so much time of the team and result in work getting delayed. But with the multiple URL opener tool, the work can continue smoothly.

    Advantages of Multiple URL Opener

    1. Enhancement in productivity

      As the multiple URL opener tool eliminates the use of opening every URL individually, you can access all those websites quickly and can resume back to work, making your work more productive.

    2. Easy to use

      MageComp’s multiple URL opener tool is very easy-to-use as it works on all devices with an internet connection.

    3. Time Saver

      If you frequently need to visit multiple URLs at the same time, our bulk URL opener tool will save you tons of time as you only need to copy the multiple URLs and paste them into this tool URLs will be opened in new tabs altogether.

    Way of Using Multiple URL Opener Tool

    When using a bulk URL opener, just enter the list of URLs you wish to open in the text box, choose the method for doing so, and then click Open URLs to open them all in different tabs. This can help you save a tonne of time and effort, especially if you have a lot of URLs to open.

    What Motivated Us to Develop the Multiple URL Opener Tool?

    MageComp is a leading agency for both website/application development and marketing agency. Our team of the best SEO and marketing experts used to open multiple URLs manually for SEO auditing, backlinking, content researching and many more. Being such a productive agency, we decided to come up with the best bulk URL opener tool as an substitute for unsafe and fraudulent sites and save our team’s time.