Magento 2 Inventory Sync Extension
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Magento 2 Inventory Sync Extension

Magento 2 Inventory Sync from API extension allows admins to sync product quantity and data in the store inventory from the product source to Magento store inventory with SOAP API without any manual efforts.

  • Inventory synchronization by SOAP API.
  • Auto-update inventory product quantity from the source.
  • Inventory synchronization with SKU values.
  • Sync inventory of Magento 2 store without any manual efforts.
  • Test mode to verify changes before live implementation.
  • Any API can be integrated.
  • Compatible with Hyvä.
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Inventory management and synching is one of the essential parts for any Magento eCommerce store. Without appropriate tools, it's difficult to manage inventory. Because of mismanagement in inventory, orders will accummulating without having the products available at store or product source. Such circumstances are really very embarrassing to any eCommerce store owner. To tackle with issue, adopt SOAP API that allows you to synchronize & manage quantity & product data in your store inventory.

Magento 2 Inventory Sync from API extension synchronizes product quantity and data from the source of products keeping you and your store updated with the inventory of your store. With the help of SOAP API, sync all your product quantities from the source of the products without much manual efforts. This module stremlines inventory management by automatically syncing the inventory at regular intervals.

Note: Currently Beauty Fort API is integrated with this extension. You can ask us to integrate any API. Contact us to discuss your requirements with us before placing an order.


Benefits of Magento 2 Inventory Sync Extension


Integration with SOAP API for Added Functionality

The extension integrates SOAP API. Once you've configured it, the store inventory automatically syncs to the product source. No manual action required.

With its built-in test mode, you can test changes prior to making them live.

Integration with SOAP API for Added FunctionalityIntegration with SOAP API for Added Functionality
Sync Inventory Products with SKUSync Inventory Products with SKU

Sync Inventory Products with SKU

Once the extension is installed, it runs in the background and updates the product quantities with reference to SKUs. The extension works pretty well with stores having hundreds of products with thousands of each product quantity.

Auto-update of Product Quantities

The extension reflects the updated quantities of each product once it is configured. Magento 2 Inventory Sync from API module auto-updates the quantities of each product from its source.

Auto-update of Product QuantitiesAuto-update of Product Quantities


Why Choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Inventory Sync Extension?


  • Use smart SOAP API to sync products.
  • Sync product quantities and data from the product source.
  • Effortless inventory management & product quantity synchronization.
  • Product inventory syncing with SKU data.
  • Appropriate for proper order fuilfillment.
  • Any API can be added.
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Version 1.0.2 Date : 12-09-2023

- Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 version

- Compatible with Magento Coding Standards

- Minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.1 Date : 01-09-2020

- Minor bug fixing

Customer Questions
Once we buy this extension, can it be used on 2 websites?
You are allowed to use the extension in one production website and 2 development websites.
You can enter all as comma-separated in the domain field while purchasing the extension on our website.
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