Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching

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Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching moves users to specific customer groups based on order total, order count, account age, product IDs and category IDs.
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3


Running a Magento 2 store with large and diverse customer base? Is managing such a heavy customer base leads wasting tons of your important time? If yes, you may need an automation for this task. Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching by MageComp automatically switches customers to various already created customer groups based on set configuration. The extension facilitates switching of customer groups based on order total, number of orders per customer, age of customers’ account i.e date of account creation, product and categories of the store. Every time when the customer logs in, cron is run to check the conditions and switch the customer to group when match with them.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching extension:

  • Customers are auto placed to specific customer groups based on set configuration.
  • Extension facilitates to auto assign customer groups based on:
    • Sales
    • Customer account age
    • Products
    • Categories
  • Sales based customer group switching allows to auto assign groups based on order total and total number of orders.
  • Add upto 5 customer group switching conditions to auto switch based on sales order total.
  • Set account age in days to switch customers to specific group.
  • Option to add comma separated product IDs and category IDs to move customers based on products and categories.
  • Option to enable or disable Email notification to admin.
  • Email notification to admin for each time customers are switched to a new group.
  • Whenever a customer logs in, cron is run to check set conditions and moves the customers to groups based on it.
Review by Lorena D.
It is so easy to use and configure. No issues encountered uptill now. Auto switching works as described. Great job team. Highly impressed.
Fabulous extension
Review by William W.
This is one of my favorite extensions. It works great in customer switching. Fully satisfied with it.
Great product
Review by Margaret Stokes
The extension is developed based on the concept of customer segmentation which helps us to redirect our customers to a specific group. Thus, the birfurcation & management of the customer is handled quites well. I'm happy with the quality of extension.
Big thumps up
Review by Claudia T.
It works really well with the store. Getting notified with Email makes it easy to manage it.
Review by Willie M.
With the help of the auto switching extension, I can get notified by an email whenever a customer switches to a group. I've enabled this feature from backend so that I can know which customers are doing great. Helped me to manage my store efficiently. Thanks!
Wonderful Feature!
Review by Ted Mitchell
The auto switching feature is astounding for me. Whenever a customer logs in the extension comes into action and directs the customer to a specific group, it matched. It has saved our lot of time. Well done team MageComp.
Very Useful
Review by Connie Goings
The extension permits to switch customer groups. Based on order total, a number of orders per customer, the age of customers’ account, i.e., date of account creation, product, and categories of the store. It has helped me to manage a large mass of customers very effectively.
I’m totally Satisfied
Review by Karin J. Harris
I have a particular need of automatic group switching for my store to manage my customers efficiently. And this module has helped me to do the same. A big thanks to MageComp for such a flexible extension.
Easy Customer management
Review by Isabelle
Right now, I have a very large customer base and I was looking for this kind of functionality since long. Loved the way this extension helped me to manage customer base based on various conditions. Also, the support team is very good in need.
Good extension
Review by Gabriela
It is a Good Extension if you are planning to make a membership
Best Extension Ever
Review by Alysa
I have put a lot of efforts to find such feature and this extension is very helpful in Magento store to understand customer behavior and grouping them automatically. Very glad to choose this extension.
Easy to understand behaviors
Review by Emma
A stunning module that automatically switches customer groups according to the conditions we have set, it really helps to understand sales of products depending on the behavior of customers, Module is very well developed and support is also good in need.
Perfect group switching
Review by Marshall
This Extension is perfect and works flawlessly for auto customer group switching based on behavior and conditions without any issue and support is also great in needed.
auto management of customer groups
Review by webb
I wanted to group customers based on their shopping behaviors and with magecomp auto customer group switch, i have setup rules to switch them automatically. wonderful development and features it serves.
Conditional customer group switching
Review by Peter
It's way better to switch customers to various groups based on their behaviors rather than doing it manually. I came to know about this extension a week back, i purchased and it works to meet up my expectations and needs. Really amazing work done by magecomp.
automated group switching
Review by Peter Kennedy
I really like the feature of automated customer group switching based on conditions set from admin. I highly recommend to others.
behavioral grouping
Review by browner
auto group switching is what works on customers purchase behaviors. i love it to auto group them which helps me sending crafted offers for marketing purpose. very useful extension it is!
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Version: 1.0.1 Date: 28-10-2017

- Set up to 5 group switching conditions based on sales order total.

- Enable or disable Email notifications.