Google Ads Management Services
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Google Ads Management Services

Result-oriented Google Ads Management services to level up your business in short time-span. We help you run local service ads campaigns by targeting audience to generate genuine leads driving more sales & revenue.

  • Keyword research and optimization.
  • Identify the relevant targeted audience / prospects.
  • Competitive research to beat competitors.
  • Effective ad copy-writing for maximum CTR.
  • Optimization of landing pages.
  • Continuous bid management to get more & spend less.
  • Regular Google Ads campaign monitoring.
  • PPC cost management.
  • Conversion tracking & measurement.
  • Ad campaign modification and improvements.
  • Google Ads campaign management by dedicated team.

Google Ads is a paid marketing service offered by Google. eCcommerce businesses use this platform to advertise their products and services on the Internet, Gmails, YouTube and other partners' websites participated in Google Ads program.

When people see ads (impressions) and click to land to a particular landing page of product or service, advertisers pay for each clicks (CPC - Cost Per Click) for getting visits on their webpage. The whole Google Ads seems to work like an auction where advertisers compete for the top positions for their ads of products or services.


Why is Google Ads Management Necessary?


  • Not just on Google search engine, market business on other Google products, partner websites and display networks.
  • Tweak advertisements anytime to reach specific group of people by defining segments.
  • Instant traffic acquisition in short time span post-campaign setup.
  • Target multiple keywords at a time.
  • Position your paid ads on top rank faster using certain conditions.
  • No minimum spending limit for ads. Spend finance according to you your budget.
  • Edit ads keywords, ads, ad groups etc. anytime and reflect the changes in a few minutes.
  • Easy analysis & measurement of ROI.


Why Choose MageComp for Google Ads Management Service?


You're investing & spending  a lot to advertise your business with Google Ads, still are you not getting the desired result? Never commit this blunder again. Just reach out to our Google Ads professionals who are committed to deliver result-oriented solutions for business promotion.


We believe in focusing more on driving valuable traffic by spending optimally on those factors which generate ROI in less time. We assure that we target the relevant and correct segments of prospects or customers to rpomote the products or services. Our team is equipped with expertise & talent that need to carry out any Google Ads campaign successfully. Our team has managed accounts of Google Ads fro many companies ranging from new start-ups to large-scaled businesses. Drop us a line today & let us accelerate your business digitally leveraging Google Ads? Simply contact us or dial a number  +917990250277 to talk with our marketing expert.

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Once we buy this extension, can it be used on 2 websites?
You are allowed to use the extension in one production website and 2 development websites.
You can enter all as comma-separated in the domain field while purchasing the extension on our website.
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