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Welcome back to another New Trend Blog, Today, let’s understand every little detail about “WooCommerce 4.0 Release” The detailed Guide where we are going to understand everything about it. Also, take a look at the recent new update for Magento All You Need to Know about Magento 2.3.5. So without further ado, let’s Dive In?.

On March 10, 2020 it finally launched the latest WooCommerce latest version 4.0. The WooCommerce current version provides an updated management panel, reporting features, and an experience that is react-driven. The notification tools and store management tools are simplified than the WooCommerce previous versions which makes it smoother to integrate the WooCommerce Admin into WooCommerce Core.

Since the WooCommerce current version 4.0 is the most anticipated update of 2020, let us dig into its extended features and try to know all that we must to make our E-commerce store even more enhanced!

Admin Features

Along with a new dashboard, notification settings, and updated store management tools; WooCommerce’s current version also aids better and improved reporting, comparisons, filtering, etc. These advanced features help to analyze store performance in terms of sales, revenue, product performance, etc.

Theme Development and Custom Development will become much simpler in the latest version of WooCommerce as well as the Javascript requirements will make it automatically accessible to the stores that are running on WordPress 5.3+. Data transfer from the old reports can be done as CSV to enhance the experience in the store.

Action Scheduler 3.1

Action Scheduler 3.1 has been enabled in WooCommerce 4.0 in order to facilitate better management of custom tables in order to handle a large volume of orders. Over 10,000 websites are already using the Action Scheduler with the WooCommerce older version to gain the fruits of stability.

Onboard Experience

Setting up an E-commerce store could be a challenging task. However, upgrading to WooCommerce 4.0 can make things easier for you as it has capabilities to extract every bit of information from all over the industry. Be it about the product or the store, WooCommerce keeps you well-equipped with all the business knowledge.

Other Updates

The WooCommerce latest version provides fixes to the Block Package, Order Edit Screen Enhancement, Brexit and VAT updates, Cash Delivery Payment Gateway optimizations, Saving variations for the clients, and better email handling. 

Template and File changes

File Changes
global/quantity-input.php Placeholder attribute is added for the quality input
cart/shipping-calculator.php Phrasing of country updates to country/region has been made in the shipping calculator
emails/email-styles.php IMG CSS Updated
emails/customer-reset-password.php Missing tag at the end of the para has been made available
single-product/add-to-cart/grouped.php Placeholder attribute has been added for the quality input
emails/email-header.php 100% settable width

Post-Upgrade Checklist

Although the WooCommerce 4.0 is not completely compatible with the WooCommerce previous versions, you can still work with it efficiently by following the post-update requirements properly. The following is the list for the WooCommerce 4.0 must-haves:

  • You should be working on WordPress 5.3 
  • MYSQL required version is 5.0 or higher, 5.6 is recommendable
  • PHP version required is 5.6.20 or higher, 7.2 or greater is recommendable
  • WooCommerce 3.6.0 is required if you wish to upgrade an existing installation
  • WP CLI command  wp wc update is recommendable for running the large databases
  • Testing and Backing up before you begin the upgrade is essentially required.

To update the WooCommerce latest version follow the update guide.

Signing Off

With the launch of the latest version of WooCommerce it is estimated that the E-commerce store functionality will be enhanced and sales shall be boosted. If you are planning to upgrade your online stores, this is the best time as WooCommerce’s latest version is providing all the advancements that you need to be successful.

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If you have anything which needs to be garnished related to WooCommerce 4.0  and it’s specifications then feel free to contact our Support Team. Hopefully, this article has helped you to grow your knowledge. If so, then tap the share button and share it with your Magento friends. Also we are open getting your reviews regarding this in the comment section below.

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