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On May 4, 2020 Google came up with changes in its algorithm and termed it as the Google Core Update. This core update has brought a huge change in the algorithms and hence has made an impeccable impact on various sites. To have a brief idea of what the update is about, refer to the following graph that monitors and analyses the results on Google.

Google Core Update May 2020 Sensor

(Image Source: SEMrush Google SERP Sensor)

The above chart shows the variations in the rankings on a daily basis. It helps us to study that when the chart shows green or blue, there is not much movement happening. However the times when it indicates red, there is a major variation happening in the Google rankings. While on the one hand the travel, health, real estate, pets & animals, food & society have been adversely affected; on the contrary news, sports, art & entertainment remain the least affected.  As per the reports Linkedin, Creditkarma, Spotify, Nypost, and Legoland are a few of the most negatively affected online platforms.

If you are running an online store, you should go to your Google Analytics account right now and check how these updates have affected your ranking and the traffic to your website. If the results are unfavorable there is no need for you to panic! In this blog we shall help you out with understanding the Google Core Update to the fullest, thereby helping you cope with the least variation possible.

What Initiatives you can make?

Improve your Content & Quality:

Make sure the content of your site is according to Google’s desire, i.e. original, customer-friendly, visual-driven, and not fake. Ask your bloggers and writers to avoid picking up material from other pages and copying them to your own websites. Another important tip is to match the Meta tags with your content and check if your content is interesting enough for the users to be keenly hooked.

Remove the old and irrelevant articles from your site as well as get rid of the dead links. It is important to keep modifying your content as it can help you increase your traffic by 10%. Another thing you can do to prevent the reduction of traffic on your website is to find just minimum but powerful keywords for your content that can increase your ranking.

The latest algorithm update also affects maximum websites with thin content. Thin Content refers to the situation when your URLs have no content enough to attract traffic or have been devoid of minimum SEO. Sites with thin content have witnessed the negative impact of the Google Core Update by 3 times more than the others.

Trustworthy Content:

It is extremely essential to convince the readers about the credence of the content published on your website. If the users feel that the content is monitored by the expertise and is backed up by facts and reliance, they are bound to visit your website again in the future. 

Keeping the trust of the users intact by the means of fair SEO is also desirable is the same way. The users must not be driven into false indications and information. They must be treated with the utmost candor and worthy information. The navigation, Search, Checkout, Loading, etc. must be convenient and free of errors for your webpage to be user-friendly.

Beautifully Designed Content

Another important aspect to be kept in mind while making efforts to be least affected with the algorithm update is to design presentable content for your audiences. Make sure your content is appealing, loaded with SEO- friendly visuals, well-researched, and informative. Your content must be easy to access and seem professional.

Stay away from making errors like loading your web pages with a large number of advertisements and bright colors. Keep the design and background simple so that it appears soothing to the eyes of the reader. One must check that the site loads comparatively faster and is well arranged on all types of devices.

Competitor Analysis

At the end of the day, all an online store looks for is a better ranking on the SERP! Thus, it is important to compare your website and its content with that of your competitor and also provide extra worth to your users. If your webpage has a unique point of attraction, you are more likely to attract more traffic than the others in the market. With the help of SEO, you can rank on google and get benefits over your competitor, and that will for sure lead your Business to another level. You might be thinking about how we can top the SERP right? Get a higher ranking over search engines with our Search Engine Optimization Service.

Final Words

We have discussed in the above blog the latest Google Core Update 2020. This algorithm update by Google has affected different businesses in variable ways. But in the context of the online platforms and Magento owners, it is possible to minimize the negative effects of this update.

You can prevent the reduction of the traffic on your web page by producing and providing Google-desirable content and also by constantly keeping up with the facts and figures revolving around the Core Update’2020.

For any query or help, you can always Contact Us For any suggestions and tips to enhance your E-commerce content and SEO as well as to transform it into Google-approved material, you can always reach out to us through the comment section below. 

Till then Stay Updated, Stay Safe!

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